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Loon: Recreational Solar Boat (ST10586-1)

Enviromotive, Inc.


Electric powered boats offer the opportunity to minimize not only air pollution, but also water pollution from inefficient gasoline powered engines. A major disadvantage to widespread adoption of electric boats is the limited range provided by current battery technologies. While recreational excursions, along waterways such as the NYS Canal system or one of the State’s major rivers, can be accomplished with electrically powered boats, they must periodically stop and recharge at available shore power stations (e.g., at local marinas), or carry an auxiliary gas powered motor in case of loss of battery power. A prototype electric boat, with solar augmented battery charging, has been fabricated and demonstrated by a Canadian firm, the Tamarack Electric Boat Div. of Enviromotive, Inc. To make the solar electric boat concept a commercial reality, additional product development is necessary to enhance performance and reduce cost.

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Project Description

The project is a multi-task initiative to design, fabricate, test, and commercialize a solar augmented electric boat for manufacture in New York State. The initial task will require establishing company operations in New York State, and the project is targeting the construction of up to nine prototype solar-electric powered boats for initial pilot commercialization.


Solar augmentation will reduce petroleum use and air/water emissions in the recreational marine sector. Adding solar charging will allow electric boats to capture a greater portion of the recreational boat market and allow shore-power charging to be done only when necessary, e.g. at overnight stops at marina rest stops.

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Enviromotive, Inc.
207 Bayshore Dr. R.R. #3
Brechin, ON LOK1B0

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Monte Gisborne

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Product Development

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Patrick P Bolton


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST10586-1

Last Updated: 5/16/2013