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Daylighting Technical Services(ST10027-1)

Carpenter Norris Consulting


There is a need for technical daylighting consulting services for new construction and renovation projects under NYSERDA’s New Construction Program, that are considering advanced daylighting designs. Expert daylighting consultation can provide several benefits to building owners, developers, and designers. Review of daylighting designs, plans, and specifications can help architects and building designers consider innovative daylighting solutions that bring natural daylight into building interiors without exceeding construction budgets. Expert assistance with daylight modeling and simulation can allow the building design team to examine several daylighting, shading, and electric lighting control options, and help identify the ones that are most cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Expert daylight consultation can also help building owners and developers select daylighting materials, devices, and control systems that will respond to the needs of the building occupants.

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Project Description

The Contractor shall conduct the following tasks: (1) Project Referrals and Preliminary Review - the Contractor shall comment on building form and siting decisions and review electronic schematic design packages of digital drawings and make specific daylighting recommendations to the project architect(s) and engineer(s). (2) First Tier Daylight Consultation - for each project referral, the Contractor shall conduct an initial schematic design consultation with project architects and design team members to review the schematic designs and to collect more detail about the proposed daylighting project(s).(3) Daylighting Recommendations based on FirstTier Consultation - the Contractor shall develop written recommendations based on the initial consultation. The recommendations shall prioritize the daylighting options in terms of their potential for achieving the project’s daylighting objectives. (4) Second Tier Consultations - the Contractor shall expand upon the First Tier daylighting consultation and provide the architect and design team additional daylighting consulting services. (5) Provide daylighting recommendations based on Second Tier consultations - For each Second Tier daylighting consultation, the Contractor shall provide written recommendations. The recommendations shall prioritize the daylighting options, in order of importance and potential for achieving the project’s daylighting objectives.


Benefits include energy benefits through greater reliance on daylight harvesting design strategies and minimization of unnecessary solar heat gain. Human comfort benefits are associated with glare-free daylit interior spaces. Metrics will be measured by number of products assisted through NYSERDA's New Construction Program and daylighting recommendations implemented.

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Carpenter Norris Consulting
145 Hudson St Fl 4 H
New York, NY 10013

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Davidson Norris

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Research Study

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Building Systems

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Marsha Walton


R&D - Buildings Research

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST10027-1

Last Updated: 3/13/2013