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Demonstration & Commercialization of a Low-Cost Automated Remote Fault Detection & Diagnostic Application(ST10013-1)

Impact Technologies, LLC


Improving the reliability and lowering the cost of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of energy systems inside commercial and industrial buildings are key factors for ongoing energy efficiency and realizing the economic returns from the systems. Impact Technologies, LLC of Rochester, NY looks to demonstrate and commercialize an easy-to-implement, widely applicable, data driven, automated fault detection and diagnostics application for performance monitoring and continuous commissioning of building energy systems.

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Project Description

The system will be used for the purposes of: 1) Reducing energy costs through early detection of faulty sensors and equipment in the building or industrial energy management system; 2) Optimization of performance-related maintenance practices; and 3) Quick identification of new, unexpected (and usually inefficient) system behavior. Impact Technologies will be working in partnership with Connected Energy Corp. of Rochester, NY. Impact Technologies will be implementing its SignalPro™ Anomaly Detection System as the data driven modeling engine for energy systems. Connected Energy will develop and incorporate the database, the decision engine to compare the output of the SignalPro™ model with actual data acquired from the systems under monitoring, and the end-user interface application into a licensable and hosted offering within its COMSYS™ (Central Operation Management System) product suite. The combined product will be called the impactVIEW™ Energy Performance Monitoring System.


Published studies have reported 10% to 16% reductions in building energy costs when large energy consumers have implemented enabling computer programs such as the proposed. It is reasonable to assume savings of this order of magnitude when the technology is applied to, and actively used on, the smaller energy systems targeted by this project.

Project Results

This project resulted in a near commercial-ready product called CBMi with SignalPro™. Additional development is required. Individually, CBMi provides a software and hardware architecture required for an organization to monitor and track the condition of critical assets (such as pumps, HVAC equipment, electrical systems, etc.) continuously. The addition of the SignalPro technology on the back-end greatly enhances the diagnostic capabilities of the system. The CBMi system seamlessly integrates configuration and maintenance of SignalPro models and provides simple methods to the user to setup and make use of SignalPro to provide active alarms for critical equipment. The combination of CBMi and SignalPro, and the effort made on the project to make the combined system deployable, provide Impact Technologies with a strong foundation for delivering equipment and system monitoring solutions, and soon, a standalone CBM monitoring product.


Impact Technologies, LLC
200 Canal View Blvd
Rochester, NY 14623

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Carl Palmer

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Software Application/Analysis Tool

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Energy Power Supply

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John Love


R&D - Energy Mkts & Pwr Del

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Start Date: 1/11/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST10013-1

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