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Business development support of a novel multiple channel promotion model for efficiency programs and services encompassing locally supported and targeted advertising. (STD11018)

Blue Springs Energy, LLC


Blue Springs Energy, LLC will develop a business that implements web-based marketing techniques in conjunction with locally supported and targeted advertising for clients that wish to increase energy efficiency participation in their communities or management programs. Blue Springs’ target clients include investor-owned utilities, NYSERDA, municipal utilities, renewable energy retailers, and efficiency service providers. Blue Springs’ web site will provide consolidated information or people interested in participating in an efficiency or renewable program or offering. The web site will also match the interested participant with the appropriate programs and offerings of its clients, and may facilitate enrollment of willing participants.

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Project Description

Key to Blue Springs Energy’s success will be its ability to generate local community-based interest, web site traffic and action of potential participants. Phase 1 objectives of the contract are to flesh-out the business plan, generate clear descriptions and demonstration of its service and confirm clients interested in the service and proposition. Phase 2 objectives are to scale the business model and solidify its competitive advantage.


The benefit of Blue Springs community-based multi-channel marketing services to its clients is the ability to leverage the goodwill of partnering municipal governments and organization. The benefit to New York State rate payers is easier access to consolidated information on programs, products and services.

Project Results

Energy Efficiency (EE) Program Administrators see locally targeted marketing programs through the same lens as all of their other advertising purchases. EE program administrators were not willing to pay for this form of web advertising, nor for recruitment and enrollment based on effectiveness in EE program enrollment. Local governments and industrial development agencies are eager to support organized marketing and outreach efforts in their communities that leverage their connections with residents and constituents, energy efficiency incentives from New York State program administrators and the services of local green trades to get people to take action. ‘Green’ product and service vendors and contractors were eager for effective advertising that can reach high quality leads for their services but were not interested in another advertizing channel. They did, however, value community-sponsored events that gave them face-to-face opportunities with potential customers.


Blue Springs Energy, LLC
807 Ridge Rd., Ste 210B
Webster, NY 14580

Principle Investigator

Larry Simpson

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Business Development

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Anthony Abate


R&D - Buildings Research

Contract Details

Start Date: 5/14/2009
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: STD11018

Last Updated: 5/16/2014