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Hi-Volume PV Manufacturing Methods(15887)

SUNY Atmospheric Science Research Ctr


Solar energy is expected to be a big player in power production in the future, but high costs nearing $7 per kwh where costs would have to be closer to $1 per kwh to be competitive with traditional technologies. Proposer has teamed with Xerox to experiment with roll-to-roll manufacturing techniques that would take advantage of efficiencies of scale and reduce the manufactured cost of solar cells. The pressure and temperatures necessary make production setup a tricky process.

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Project Description

Study the types of solar cells and determine a best candidate for roll-to-roll processing, and define processing conditions. Examine market opportunities and impact analysis, develop business plan.


Development of low cost solar manufacturing method would be valuable to the state as market demand increases and cost of manufacture decrease. Proposer estimates $700K in sales with current demand and costs, with increased sales in the future. The availability of low cost solar would have large implications for the energy industry. The affordability of sustainable technology would have dramatic benefits on the environment.

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SUNY Atmospheric Science Research Ctr
251 Fuller Rd
Albany, NY 12203

Principle Investigator

Jeff Boyer

Universities Involved

SUNY at Albany


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Research Study

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Energy Power Supply

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Jacques Roeth


R&D - Innovation & Biz Dev

Contract Details

Start Date: 5/26/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 15887

Last Updated: 12/18/2013