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Ultra Low Power Oil Fire Burner for Residential Testing(ST8926)

Heat Wise, Inc.,


Conventional oil burners manufactured in the U.S. typically consume about 280 - 350 watts of electrical energy to drive the blower, fuel pump and primary controls. The proposer, Heat Wise has developed a new burner design that is a pressure-atomized burner having a flame retention head. The blower uses a commercially available, brushless DC motor that is highly efficient and reduces wattage consumption to 80 watts. This represents an overall electrical demand reduction of 73%. Traditional oil pumping design depends on a rotating gear type pumping mechanism that requires a large level of power, where this solenoid “pulse” oil pump uses only 18 watts of electricity and is powered only when the blower motor turns on, creating a positive discharge pressure in the burner unit.

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Project Description

This is a demonstration project to install over 25 low wattage oil burner devices developed from prior research. Coincident with installations, Contractor will attempt to educate and penetrate the oil burner installation market to advance the promotion of this low wattage technology. Results and analysis will be provided from the demonstration.


Electrical energy savings are dependent on total heat demand, and duration of burner run-time. Accounting for those factors, a typical homeowner using oil for heat can expect to save approx. $60 per heating season. High market penetration is probable due to a large proportion of NY residences using oil heat appliances. A major benefit of the reduced overall power consumption needed for the heating device, is the use of auxiliary power. The entire space heating and hot water heating needs of a typical house can be met with the LW-80 burner, that consumes < 3 times the power used by conventional oil heating systems.

Project Results

The Contractor was able to orchestrate the installation of 25 additional LW-80 burner assembly units into Forced Hot Air (FHA) oil fired heating systems. The installations helped optimize the performance of the LW-80 equipment, by revealing independent issues of the LW-80, and were addressed by incorporating pre- and post- purge valve delays that increased overall system reliability. A cost modification to the main project enabled Contractor to incorporate a high-low feature to the oil burner, which provides a fixed turn-down speed of the oil pump. Oil fired burners do not modulate, and the high-low feature allows for modulation to occur with reliability. With the LW-80 burner installs, the Contractor also performed a battery backup test of the burner, determining burner duration. The LW-80 burner assemble and battery backup, both received UL certification under this project. Through field trials, training and demonstrations at trade shows, the Contractor was able to explain the operation of a solenoid pump and EBM motor that uses an airflow switch. The LW-80 was also subjected to a battery backup system test, in which it operated for three days under backup power, then requiring four days thereafter, to achieve a fully re-charged state. To date, 45 of these LW-80 units are successfully running in the field, with no issues unresolved.


Heat Wise, Inc.,
28 Industrial Blvd., Unit I
Medford, NY 11763

Principle Investigator

Bola Kamath

Universities Involved


Project Type:

Product Demonstration

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Building Systems
Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning

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Gregory Pedrick


R&D -Transport & Power Systems

Contract Details

Start Date: 6/13/2005
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST8926

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