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Develop New Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation System(ST7139A)

Saint Vincents Catholic Medical Centers


Air ventilation filtration systems combined with Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) are considered by engineers seeking UVGI solutions to bio-terror attacks, but upper room UVGI air disinfection has been largely ignored due to a lack of definitive studies clarifying how much UVGI is necessary to kill aerosolized infectious particles, and also because engineers do not understand the potential of upper room UVGI. The Tuberculosis Ultraviolet Shelter Study (TUSS) is being conducted by Saint Vincent’s Hospital, and its partners at the Harvard School of Public Health, to determine the effective and safe placement of UVGI technology in upper rooms to control the transmission of airborne TB. The project is also developing an index of UVGI effectiveness (NYSERDA project #4976). Atlantic Ultraviolet's (Long Island, NY) advanced LIND 24 EVO fix

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Project Description

The Contractor will conduct microbial studies of aerosolized anthrax surrogate (spore form of B. subtilis) and: • (1) calculateUVGI's effectiveness in disabling anthrax • (2) determine the influence of an interactive ventilation system on the effectiveness of a lethal UVGI dose, taking into account room temperature, humidity, and air change rate • (3) conduct a retrospective study of the effect of UVGI on shelter worker absentee rates and shelter residents' respiratory illnesses • (4) provide recommendations for UVGI equipment improvement to UVGI equipment manufacturers and develop a proof-of-concept design • (5) reanalyze the data collected in the TUSS (Tuberculosis Ultraviolet Shelter Study) Project (NYSERDA #2779) to determine whether the presence of activated UVGI upper room lighting decreases worker absenteeism related to sickness • (6) refine the proof-of-concept design and conduct pre-commercialization activities • (7) demonstrate and evaluate the prototypes in one or more beta sites in New York, and • (8) provide prototypes to Home Depot for testing and redesign for commercialized.


Benefits include energy and environmental benefits of avoided equivalent air changes required to purify air through conventional ventilation methods, and societal and economic benefits related to TB and bioterrorism prevention. The savings from one case of TB prevented are estimated at $120,000 per person and the societal benefits of TB and bioterrorism prevention versus treatment are enormous.

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Saint Vincents Catholic Medical Centers
450 W 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001

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Philip Brickner

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Product Development

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Building Systems

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Marsha Walton


R&D - Buildings Research

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Start Date: 4/27/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST7139A

Last Updated: 1/10/2014