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Server consolidation and virtualization (ST11141-1)

Tompkins Financial Corporation


The financial industry suppliers, vendors and service providers have held the position for the past 20 years, which mandates the use of isolated hardware for each product being installed and used within the company. As a result, Tompkins Financial Corp. (TFC) now has more than 100 servers running to support their business and operational needs. Each new capability or function, whether it is a mandated security or monitoring application, or an added customer service, the vendors continue to mandate that they will not support the product unless it is installed and operated on dedicated servers. TFC is proposing a project to address a critical condition throughout their company in which they have reached capacity within their computer center for energy, physical space and data storage space.

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Project Description

The objective of this project is to demonstrate the ability to reduce the TFC server count by at least 20 servers, a reduction in the energy and operating costs by 30 – 40% for the Intel servers, improvement in application performance and availability, and real time disaster recovery capability.


The benefits of this project have the potential to impact other financial institutions currently operating in the isolated server environment. By eliminating 20 servers cost savings per year will be: annual electricity and AC energy cost savings $10,000, annual server support and license maintenance cost savings $30,000.

Project Results

The results were greater than expected, with their IT organization benefiting in several ways • Eliminating 38 physical servers • Reducing energy consumption by 42% a year • Savings of $350,000 over 5 years for server upgrades, disk space maintenance, growth, software and support • Saving $12,000 first year and $70,000 over 5 years in energy costs through reduced consumption • Savings of $100,000 over 5 years in avoided cost of disaster recovery and business continuity implementation • Ability to patch and test applications without impact user community through snapshot technology offered with virtualization • Background replication of applications and data to off-site facility providing disaster recovery in minutes instead of days. • Rapid deployment of new hosting environments for applications, moving from weeks for hardware purchase, delivery, configuration, to minutes for cloning of standard template server. This project also resulted in the ability for them to establish a disaster recovery and business continuity site in another region of the state, providing them with not only fail-over, but also more regional access to hosting environments for our business applications. They expect that the second location will save an additional $100,000 in hardware replacement costs over the next 6 months. The project started late fall in 2009, and completed in December of 2010, with a team of employees and external consultants putting in more than 1000 hours of effor


Tompkins Financial Corporation
215 E State St
Ithaca, NY 14850

Principle Investigator

Glenn Cobb

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Product Demonstration

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Building Systems
Data Centers/Information Technology

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Michael Razanousky


R&D - Energy Mkts & Pwr Del

Contract Details

Start Date: 10/26/2009
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST11141-1

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