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Solar Powered LED Lighting System(ST10973-1)

Selux Corporation


Se’lux Corporation is a well-established lighting manufacturer located in the Hudson Valley of New York State, employing 140 people in new product development and sales. Founded in 1983 to design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute architectural exterior and interior lighting systems, Se’lux is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Semperlux AG in Berlin, Germany. Although ownership is overseas, more than 95% of the tooling and materials is provided by domestic sources. NYSERDA has supported two new product development projects with Se’lux: development of a LED Pedestrian Fixture (8283) and T5 Fluorescent Lamp Fixture (4325). Both projects resulted in successful commercialization activities.

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Project Description

The work has called for Se'lux to design, develop and commercialize two solar-powered LED pedestrian luminaires that minimize glare, light pollution, and trespass, and include a low-wattage version (comparable to a 20W Metal Halide light source) and a high-wattage version (comparable to a 35W Metal Halide light source). Projected activities have included market research; design review with the design community and potential customers; engineering; prototype development; market testing and evaluation; initial production; product prototype evaluation at a field test site; laboratory testing and evaluation; commercialization; and marketing/technology transfer, including preparation of a marketing plan and paper for publication in a trade journal.


Benefits include energy savings, commensurate environmental emission and solid waste reductions (including zero mercury emissions), and maintenance benefits. Replacing incandescent light sources with SSL engines can save 90% of the energy used for lighting when replacing incandescent sources, and 50% when replacing fluorescent lamps. A new SSL product line at Se'lux has the potential to create additional engineering sales and manufacturing jobs in Highland, New York.

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Selux Corporation
5 Lumen Ln # 1060
Highland, NY 12528

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Veit Mueller

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Product Development

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Building Systems
Solid State

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Marsha Walton


R&D - Buildings Research

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Start Date: 3/9/2010 1
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: ST10973-1

Last Updated: 5/16/2014