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UV Curing Process for Silicone Rubber Products(19115)

Crystal IS, Incorporated


Crystal IS demonstrated and is currently producing UV LEDs with emission wave length below 280 nm (UV-C), with lifetimes in excess of 10,000 hours, and UV output power as high as 5 mW for an injection current of 100 mA (typically over 2 mW). Increasing the injection current allows for higher output power, but device heating causes a drop in the efficiency of the LED, as well as a reduction in life span.

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Project Description

Crystal IS will reduce the die-submount thermal resistance up to 20% by optimizing the bonding process to minimize voiding and maximizing the area of the solder connecting the die to the submount. CIS will investigate optimizing the design of the submount as well as including a thermal interface material or thermal underfill material to reduce thermal resistance.


The use of ultraviolet light for curing, as opposed to the traditional method of using solvent-based liquids, realizes higher return on investments, as well as excellent environmental benefits. Generally, UV curing systems are faster, occupy a smaller footprint, and are cleaner than their “solvent/heat” counterparts. Ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV LEDs) offer a mercury-free alternative to conventional UV lamps, with the additional advantages of longer life span, immediate on/off (no shutters needed), no infrared emission (no reflectors or coolers needed since any substrate can be used), a very stable emission, and very small footprint. Arrays of UV LEDs can be conformed to any areal need. Metrics include the development of higher output UV-C LEDs for use in radiation curing, water treatment, and disinfection.

Project Results

Crystal IS was able to reduce the die-submount thermal resistance up to 50% by optimizing the bonding parameters. This will allow higher output of the UV-C LED.


Crystal IS, Incorporated
70 Cohoes Ave
Green Island, NY 12183

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James Grandusky

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Research Study

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Industrial Products

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Ashley Porubcan


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Start Date: 11/1/2010
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 19115

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