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Suggested Areas of Innovation

Innovative sources of shifted, responsive and curtailable load for:

  • Residential/multifamily building loads
  • Aggregations of small dispersed loads
  • Aggregation of diverse demand response sources
  • Novel and repeatable commercial or industrial loads

Innovative automatic load control technologies and techniques for:

  • Building/residence demand and/or price responsive control systems
  • NYISO Special Case Resources or Ancillary Services products
  • utility demand side programs
  • Residential and commercial direct load controls
  • Portfolio load control management (i.e. aggregated)

Innovative demand-side communications, protocols and standards for:

  • Communications between NYISO, utility, aggregator, facilities, residences and loads
  • Innovative distribution of price signals
  • Real-time 2-way demand response communication innovations
  • Home area network innovations for direct or customer-activated load control and price response
  • Building and equipment protocols for demand response, demand management, price response, etc.

Innovative metering, measurement and verification technologies and techniques for proper control and settlement for:

  • Novel feedback from non-metered aggregated loads
  • Cost effective small load metering
  • Secure meter data access for non-utility entities
  • Use of advanced meters (i.e. AMI)

Utilization of dynamic electric price:

  • Residential dynamic rates in sub-metered multifamily buildings
  • Commercial and industrial customer management of mandatory hourly pricing (MHP)
  • ESCO dynamic rate
Last Updated: 12/20/2013