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Eligibility and Funding

For the purposes of this PON, demand side resources and curtailable loads (without fuel-switching or use of fossilfuel based back-up) are ratepayer loads in NYS that:

  • May be controlled and curtailed as part of a demand response market or program
  • Can shed, shift or displace load for demand management
  • can respond to an event and/or price signal

Innovations may include novel:

  • Sources of curtailable load
  • Load control technologies and techniques
  • Communications, protocols and standard
  • Metering, measurement and verification
  • Implementation and management of dynamic rates (i.e. voluntary/mandatory time of use rates)

Proposed projects are expected to fall into one of two categories:

  1. Development and/or demonstration of an innovative technology, product or technique
  2. Technical/paper studies that, for example, investigate feasibility, develop necessary standards, protocols, etc.

The maximum NYSERDA funding offered for development and demonstration proposals is $500,000 and NYSERDA prefers development/demonstration proposals that offer at least 50% cost-sharing as co-funding or in-kind contributions to the total proposed budget. Demonstration project must be conducted in NYS. The maximum NYSERDA funding offered for technical/paper study proposals is $100,000 with 30% cost-share preferred.

Cost-sharing may include funding from other organizations, but may not include other NYSERDA funds. Verifiable in-kind contributions are also acceptable and could include direct labor, reduced overhead rates, and/or use of special equipment where a fee is normally charged for its use. The extent of cost-sharing will be evaluated when considering which projects to fund. Proposals including product development activities may be subject to recoupment; refer to General Conditions.

NYSERDA seeks proposals from NYS and non-NYS entities, including: wholesale market participants, curtailment service providers, energy management services companies, energy services companies (ESCOs), technology vendors, commercial, industrial and multifamily facilities, etc. Collaboration on proposals by teams of entities with complementary skills and qualifications is encouraged when necessary to meet the project goals. Teams are encouraged to identify a lead entity and demonstrate the individual organization's commitment of resources to project in the proposal. Teams may consist of commercial firms, government organizations, academic institutions or other organizations.

This solicitation is primarily funded from the NYS System Benefit Charge (SBC). A small amount of funding from other NYSERDA sources may be available for projects primarily benefiting rate payers and facilities that do not pay of SBC

Last Updated: 12/20/2013