Nuvision Builders

The participating home is the Meier Residence, a custom home under construction on the owner's lot in Mastic Beach, NY. The planned residence is a 2-bedroom 2,362 sf (not including unconditioned basement, but including a conditioned mechanical room in the basement) single-family detached home. The home has been completely framed and closed in with windows and roofing. Interior air sealing is nearly complete, including foaming joints in the wall sheathing, sub flooring and ceiling. The basement slab has been poured with sub-slab insulation under the mechanical room portion of the basement. Windows are spaced out two inches to accommodate exterior rigid board insulation material was incorporated into the spacer, providing approximately an R-5 for 10mm thickness.

Home is weathertight
Figure 1: Home is weathertight.

Insulated windows
Figure 2: Windows are built out to accommodate
future two inch thick exterior rigid polyisocyanirate
insulation - including 10mm aerogel layer (white)
as thermal break.

Closed cell spray foam 
Figure 3: Closed cell spray foam used to air
seal exterior walls.

Foam insulation
Figure 4: Foam insulation placed under slab
of conditioned mechanical room in the basement.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014