Lake Haven Homes

Lake Haven Homes is building four two-family homes on an infill site on Staten Island in New York City. The initial home is part of the NYSERDA Challenge and Lake Haven intends to construct the other three buildings to similar specifications, incorporating lessons learned from the Challenge home. Each home will consists of a four-bedroom owner's unit on two floors and a two-bedroom rental apartment on the ground floor for a total of 3,181 sf plus a one car garage.

The home has been framed and roofed. Presently the mechanical and electrical contractors are roughing in the services. Notable energy features that have been incorporated to date include some aspects of advanced framing (those permitted by NYC Building code and the architect of record), slab insulation, and two-inches of exterior foam insulation. 

Weathertight home
Home is weathertight

Spray foam
Exterior rigid foam insulation partially installed on front elevation 
Ladder framing
Ladder framing at junction of interior and exterior wall to
permit wall insulation to pass behind

High density foam 
Porch roof (top of photo) is built out from front wall to permit
continuous foam insulation and brick to pass behind

Double stud wall 
Double stud wall at first floor permits additional cavity insulation

Slab insulation 
Slab insulation 
Blocking and spray foam
Blocking and spray foam was used to extend the
thermal and air barrier through the ceiling joists
under the walls enclosing the attic mechanical space

Low density spray foam insulation 
Low density spray foam used to enclose a small
area of the attic containing mechanical equipment 
Ladder framing
Two inches of high density spray foam
applies to the concrete basement walls

High density spray foam in ceiling 
High density spray foam in the garage ceiling 
Home exterior
Home exterior is complete with 2” XPS
foam under the siding and brick



Last Updated: 08/13/2014