Gerber Homes


First skim coat of closed cell foam,
applied to wall cavities.


Superior Concrete Walls, set in place
that provide insulated foundation and
air infiltration improvement.

19.2" On Center Framing with
spray foam applied for cavity insulation.
The second coat of three is applied
here, improving the air sealing benefit
of this technology.

Ground source heat pump
for space heating and space
cooling, connected to horizontal
trench closed tubing. 

R-18 closed cell spray
foam cavity insulation.

Whole house ventilation supplied
by Broan HRV 100 (heat recovery ventilation)
satisfies ASHRAE 62.2 indoor air
requirements, due to extremely well
insulated and air sealed shell.

2" exterior styrofoam rigid
board insulation applied to
exterior with window sealing

R21 batt insulation installed to
Below Grade Walls (BGW), and
closed cell spray foam applied to
band joist to further inhibit
air infiltration.

Connection detail for deck
joists to exterior rigid foam.

Last Updated: 07/01/2014