Clean Power Technology Innovation

The Power Systems Program supports the development and commercialization of Clean-Tech Power Generation. The program emphasizes advances in renewable generation such as wind, solar, hydro, waste heat recovery as well as fuel cell and enabling technologies that improve power delivery reliability such as energy storage technologies. The program funds collaborative projects with New York State manufacturers and research organizations supporting the development of technologies to meet the States’ RPS goals and the GHG reduction goals, necessitated by the threat of global warming. The program seeks to develop a pipeline of continuously improving renewable resource options produced with high New York value added content via a suite of programs that provide technology development, commercialization and deployment.

Funding Opportunities

NYSERDA funds its projects through competitive solicitations which are issued periodically throughout the year. Check our Funding Opportunities page for the latest information on past, current and planned solicitations.

Current Projects

See a full list of our wide variety of Transportation projects. Detailed descriptions are available for each entry.


Completed research projects and other guidebooks are available for download on the NYSERDA web site. Please see our publications page. NYSERDA may have additional information through The New York State LibraryLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. (NYSL).

Project Examples

NYSERDA funds projects which address New York State and National challenges which span a very wide range of power generation, transmission, distribution, and conversion/storage issues. Examples of typical project areas and past/current projects are listed below , with links to one-page project abstracts. While these are illustrative of our research and development activities, they are not all inclusive of our complete areas of interest and activity in the power systems arena.

  • Design, Development and Manufacture of High-Speed Foil Bearings 
    MiTi is developing a waste heat recovery system that will convert low grade waste heat to electrical energy by means of a small micro turbine. An innovative air foil bearing will reduce maintenance costs such that the system is economically viable to the marketplace.
  • Fish-Friendly Hydroelectric Turbine 
    The hydraulic development, performance testing on a physical model, mechanical design, and balance of plant investigation has been completed for pilot installation. This project will help prepare the technology for large-scale deployment. The NYSERDA-specific task estimated application potential for sites in New York State (NYS).
  • Aggregating Distributed Generators  
    This project would aggregate these distributed generators by adding controls to make them immediately dispatchable from a single control point when required for reduction in peak demand on the grid. Recruit backup generator owners totaling 30 MW of backup capacity; procure and install the equipment needed to interconnect each participating generator and the system aggregator control room; enable communication from the control room to the New York power exchange; and analyze the results, including quantification of the economic and environment benefits.
  • GridCom Monitoring & Control System Demonstration  
    GridCom sensors will be installed on distribution lines of New York State Electric & Gas and Long Island Power Authority. The sensors will measure instantaneous rms voltage, current, power factor, harmonic content, and peak voltage or current over a defined time interval. Input from eight sensors at each host utility will be integrated with the software to demonstrate the ability to provide real-time monitoring of current and voltage measurements, and use these data to detect and localize faults.
  • High-Voltage Equipment Design Tool  
    SkyBlue Research will work together in developing a three-dimensional electromagnetic analysis software for designing high-voltage generators and other electrical equipment. The analysis software will enable designers to ensure that electric fields remain below critical levels in coil insulation and the surrounding space. The software will analyze fields in three dimensions in the presence of materials with non-linear electrical properties or complex geometries. The analysis will account for resistive, capacitive, and inductive effects.
  • Inverter Test Procedure Demonstration  
    An independent testing laboratory will perform the inverter manufacturers' verification-testing protocol, and conduct type-testing procedures in compliance with the proposed New York State Standard Interconnection Requirements. Two inverters will be tested, a single-phase non-islanding inverter rated less than 10 kW, and a three-phase inverter with integrated protection and control rated less than 300 kW.
  • NYSEG Microturbine Demonstration  
    NYSEG will procure, install, operate, and test available microturbines from as many manufacturers as possible. A test center will be designed and constructed at NYSEG's Kirkwood Industrial Park facility to evaluate equipment performance prior to installation at commercial/industrial sites.
  • Old Chatham Sheepherding Microturbine  
    A microturbine cogeneration system design for the Old Chatham Sheepherders creamery and cheese production facility will be developed and evaluated. After the technical and economic evaluation, a decision will be made to either continue with equipment procurement and installation, or to end the project.
  • PEM Fuel Cell Systems  
    Develop a set of customer requirements for backup and peak shaving telecommunications applications under actual load conditions. Characterize and understand load profiles at remote terminals. Demonstrate operational control of power output level of the DC Fuel Cell System to match the load. Remotely monitor electric output (kW and kWh) and energy input (H2 in SCF) and other operating characteristics of the System.

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Last Updated: 10/14/2014
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How To Participate

Energy Storage Bench to Prototype Solicitation (PON 2458). Two solicitation due dates remain: December 15, 2014 and June 1, 2015.

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Who Can Participate

Seeks to advance promising energy storage technologies from lab scale to working prototypes. This solicitation is open to any member of NY-BESTLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page., the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium. Membership in NY-BEST is open to any organization with an interest in advancing the energy storage industry in New York State.

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Who To Contact

Jason Doling
Senior Project Manager
518-862-1090, Ext. 3558

Richard Drake
Project Manager
518-862-1090, Ext. 3258

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