American Aerogel Secures $2.5 million in External Investment

American Aerogel - Rochester, NY

June 08, 2011

Cycle Capital Management invested $2.5 million in American Aerogel Corporation (AAC) to aid in the development and commercialization of more efficient thermal insulation. American Aerogel develops and manufactures high performance aerogel-based insulation products currently used in thermal packaging systems for the transportation of temperature sensitive products.

“With a $400,000 investment from NYSERDA, AAC will have the ability to leverage additional capital toward the development of a new production system which would enable AAC to fully commercialize its product, thereby creating new streams of revenue, facilities expansion, and creation of new jobs in New York State.” – Robert Mendenhall, Founder and CTO, American Aerogel Corp.

NYSERDA has provided AAC with a total of two product development awards totaling $731,000.

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Information on NYSERDA's Research and Development Projects with this company: American Aerogel

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