Produce results with the New York
Products Program

The New York Products Program is designed to increase both the supply and demand for energy-efficient consumer products across the State. Our goal is to elevate energy efficiency to top of mind among consumers and create a permanent shift in the way people research and purchase products.

The Program is both supply-sector and customer-oriented, positioning ENERGY STAR® as a value-added service. It provides training, promotional materials, and program information to retail partners, as well as facilitates relationships between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Why Become a Manufacturing Partner?

It’s good for retail partners, good for customers, good for the environment—and it’s great for your business.

Supplying retailers with more affordable energy-efficient products makes it easier for them to sell more units, which in turn helps you boost production volume. Plus, increasing the number of households using ENERGY STAR certified products helps lower energy bills across New York State and reduce our impact on the environment. As the effects of these energy-efficient products become more widespread and well-known, demand will continue to rise.

What do you get from the Program?

NYSERDA is the only authority in the nation that offers these types of incentives to manufacturers. What can you expect to receive from the New York Products Program?

  • Cooperative funds to help cover the cost of media advertising and special promotions to support price reduction incentives.
  • Opportunities to create joint promotions with retailers you already work with.
  • Personal, one-on-one assistance in forging and nurturing new relationships with New York State retailers.
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How to Apply

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Who is Eligible

  • Must manufacture one or more ENERGY STAR certified or Program-qualified products.
  • Must distribute or represent distribution of eligible products to retailers in the SBC territory
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Who to Contact

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