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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Solar electric, or PV technology, makes use of the abundant energy in the sun, and has little impact on our environment. Photovoltaics can be used in a wide range of products, from small consumer items to large commercial solar electric systems. Commonly known as solar cells, individual PV cells are electricity-producing devices made of semiconductor materials that are often connected together to form PV modules. Modules, in turn, can be combined and connected to form PV arrays.

Key Benefits

  • PV systems are gentle on the environment. In contrast with electricity generated by fossil fuels, PV-generated electricity creates no noise, air or water pollution
  • Provides long-term stabilization of electrical costs
  • When combined with a battery backup system, a PV unit can provide you with power when utility power is out
  • NYSERDA provides incentives for up to 25 kW or less for residential and 200 kW or less for commercial sites (nonresidential)
  • NYSERDA offers a per-Watt incentive on residential solar PV systems up to 25 kW that covers approximately 25-35% of the installed system cost.
  • Residential installations on existing buildings with four or fewer units may also be eligible for low-interest financing.
  • Additional federal and state tax credits may apply*

Solar PV Incentive Program (for systems 200 kW and smaller)

A NY-Sun Program The Solar PV Incentive Program offers homeowner incentives to help reduce the installation costs associated with PV or solar electric systems of up to 25 kilowatt (kW) for residential customers and up to 200 kW for commercial customers in most of New York State. A 2 kW PV system provides about 20-30 percent of an average home’s energy needs. For details, see PON 2112: Solar PV Incentive Program.

NY-Sun Competitive PV Program (for systems larger than 200 kW)

A NY-Sun Program The New York Sun Competitive PV Program is part of the New York State RPS Customer-Sited Tier Program. NYSERDA invites proposals for the installation of customer-sited PV projects in New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) load zones A through J. All systems must be greater than 200 kW. Complete proposals that demonstrate project viability and capability will be competitively selected based on their incentive bid in dollars per kilowatt hour ($/kWh).

*You may qualify for up to 30% federal and 25% (up to $5,000) of New York State tax credits for your primary residence. (Always consult with your qualified tax professional or accountant to determine your eligibility for tax credits.)
Last Updated: 04/14/2014
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