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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Incentive Program Funding Balance

This counter is intended to provide up to date information on the budget status for the NYSERDA's Solar PV Incentive Program. Additional information on the Solar PV Incentive Program can be found in PON 2112.

Solar PV Incentive Program Minimum Monthly Budget - 2014 $4,000,000.00 This figure represents the current monthly budget for NYSERDA's Standard Offer PV Program.
Per Watt incentive offered through the Standard Offer PV Program $1.00 Base Incentive. This figure represents the Per Watt incentive offered for the first 50kW of installed capacity per meter.
$.60 Second tier incentive This figure represents the Per Watt incentive offered for installed capacity over 50kW and up to 200kW per meter. These figures are subject to change. Changes to the Base and Second Tier Incentive level can occur independent of each other. To determine the total incentive per meter, add the base incentive and second tier incentive. Total incentive capacity cannot exceed 200kW per meter. Incentives are only guaranteed at the Per Watt amount upon NYSERDA acceptance of application.
April $3,842,657 This figure represents total incentives available for the current month. The figure may be greater than the 'Minimum Monthly Budget-2014' figure provided above as it will include unused funds from the previous month (if any), plus any funds made available resulting from cancelled or denied projects. Funds from cancelled or denied projects may be from previous program years. NOTE: Due to the timing of the monthly incentive allocation, an updated monthly amount may not appear on the first day of any given month
Waitlist $0.00 This figure represents the value of incentives associated with Project and Change Order applications 'submitted via internet' after the Current Month Incentive Balance Available (the monthly allowance and the amount of otherwise available funds) has been fully expended. Should additional funding become available during the month, applications in the waitlist will be processed in the order they were submitted. If in the subsequent month the incentive level per Watt is modified, applications on the waitlist will be awarded the per Watt incentive level in effect at the time the Project or Change Order application achieves 'Received' status.  The placement of a customer’s application in a queue does not constitute an entitlement to a particular level of incentive. Waitlist information will be updated weekly.

As of 4/11/2014 9:00 AM


These figures represent the incentive fund balance remaining at the close of the referenced month.

March 2014 $2,220,862.00
February 2014 $2,290,775.00
January 2014 $671,572.00
December 2013 $0.00
November 2013 $0.00
October 2013 $0.00
September 2013 $0.00
August 2013 $0.00
July 2013 $739,193.94
June 2013 $515,786.59
May 2013 $426,008.00
April 2013 $1,693,791.77
March 2013 $1,367,036.12
February 2013 $1,411,715.00
January 2013 $193,961.00
December 2012 $568,880.00

To better understand how the remaining balance impacts incentive rates, please see PON 2112, Attachment H, Sections 2.1 and 2.2.

Last Updated: 04/11/2014