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Renewable Energy

General Renewable Energy

Connecting to the Grid

Staying off the Grid

  • Off-Grid PV Systems [PDF]
    Created by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, the Off-Grid PV Systems factsheet outlines the considerations for building a PV system off the power grid, and includes a list of equipment required for installation of the system as well as cost and safety issues.
  • Battery Power for Your Residential Solar Electric System [PDF]
    Produced for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, this guide contains information about the usage of battery systems in conjunction with a solar electric system, and provides facts on such items as the size and cost of different battery systems as well as the type of system required in a particular location. Also included are useful tips to consider when purchasing batteries.

Solar Electric (PV)

General PV Information

PV Systems for Agriculture

  • An introductory guide to typical farm applications for a variety of solar technologies* [PDF]
  • Guide to Solar-Powered Water Pumping Systems in New York State* [PDF]
    The purpose of this NYSERDA guide is to provide New York State farmers and landowners with information on planning and installing solar-powered water pumping systems. Because every location has different needs and resources, this guide provides the general principles required to make an informed decision on whether or not a solar pump is right for your operation.
  • Electricity When and Where You Need It from the Sun: Photovoltaics for Farms and Ranches [PDF]
    An online booklet produced by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory that outlines the different uses of a photovoltaic (PV) system on a farm, and describes the different types of systems that could be used depending on the job to be done. For those thinking about implementing such a system, the booklet includes a list of additional resources.
  • PV Systems for Livestock Water Pumping Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.
    This U.S. Department of Agriculture report explains the findings of a research project of a rural Nebraskan community that studied the feasibility of implementing a photovoltaic (PV) system for use in pumping water for livestock, and the points to be considered when installing such a system. The study focused on a local power authority that purchased the equipment and then rented it out to farmers who wished to convert their water pumping systems to solar power.

Solar Water Heating Systems

  • Consumer's Guide: Heat Your Water with the Sun [PDF]
    The U.S. Department of Energy published this 20-page guide on solar heating for your home or pool.
  • Freeze Protection for Solar Heating Systems Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.
    In the winter months, a container holding water requires protection from the elements. Solar water heating systems are no different. This factsheet provides solutions to this "freezing problem," i.e., adding anti-freeze to the pipes, and additional useful information.
  • Heating Your Swimming Pool with Solar Thermal Energy [PDF]
    This National Renewable Energy Laboratory fact sheet provides detailed information about how to install a solar system for heating water in a pool, the size of the system and pump needed, and how to determine the placement for such a system. For the inquisitive mind, this sheet also shows exactly how a solar heating system works.
  • The Borrowers Guide to Financing Solar Energy Systems [PDF]
    This online booklet, provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, contains useful information about the federal programs that offer financial help to those who install a solar water heating system. This booklet also offers information that can be useful to lending institutions that provide loans to help consumers with installation and purchasing costs.

Wind Energy

General Wind

  • 2008 KidWind Workshop [PDF]
  • 2005 KidWind Workshop [PDF]
  • Wind Energy Air Emission Reduction Benefits [PDF]
    This report provides a summary of the impact of wind energy development on various air pollutants. The core document addresses the key facts relating to the analysis of emission reductions from wind energy development. It is intended for use by a wide variety of parties with an interest in this issue, ranging from state environmental officials to renewable energy stakeholders. It was prepared for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) by D. J. Consulting LLC, and Resource Systems Group Inc.

Large Wind Energy Applications

  • Wind Energy Toolkit: Community Resources for Wind Development*
    This toolkit provides information on all aspects of wind energy development, and will help communities prepare for it. The reports and documents in this toolkit are intended to provide objective information necessary for everyone concerned with wind development – from the farmer or landowner who want to lease their land -- to the local officials charged with zoning, planning and permitting -- to interested members of the public. The toolkit contains information about the process for siting wind energy facilities in municipalities within the state of New York, and includes all the considerations that go into the decision-making effort.
  • Using Wind Power to Hedge Volatile Electricity Prices for Commercial and Industrial Customers in New York, Executive Summary [PDF]
  • Using Wind Power to Hedge Volatile Electricity Prices for Commercial and Industrial Customers in New York, Executive Summary, Complete [PDF]
  • Wind Turbine Sounds and Health Effects: An Expert Panel Review Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.
    This report on the effects of sound produced by wind turbines on human health was prepared by a multidisciplinary panel comprised of medical doctors, audiologists, and acoustical professionals from the United States, Canada, Denmark, and the United Kingdom
  • Large-Scale Wind Projects* [PDF]
    This document is one of a series of reports and guides that are all part of the NYSERDA Wind Energy Toolkit. It contains the answers to questions on many aspects of large-scale wind projects including: technology, socioeconomic impacts, environmental impacts, safety, site exploration, land control and landowner information, permitting, construction, electricity, economics, and incentives.
  • Guide to Wind Site Development* [PDF|3.21 MB]
  • Wind Integration Study*
    This study, prepared for NYSERDA by General Electric International, Inc., evaluates the reliability implications of increased wind penetration in New York State. Study appendices are also available.
  • Presentation by Peter Smith to Adirondack Park Agency (April 2005)* [PDF|2MB]
  • Wind Presentation - large wind* (January 2005) [PDF]
  • Community Wind Financing: A Handbook by the Environmental Law and Policy Center Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.
    There have been numerous publications and conferences on community wind development, but less specific attention on options for project structuring and financing. The goal of this handbook is to identify critical financing issues, and present several possible financing models that reflect the differing financial positions and investment goals of various project owners/developers. The handbook includes six sections:
    -- Section I describes various models for community wind power ownership.
    -- Section II examines sources of equity and debt financing and the steps necessary to secure this financing.
    -- Section III identifies federal grant and loan programs and state incentives for wind power development.
    -- Section IV reviews the federal tax incentives supporting wind power projects, the impact of these incentives on project economics, and limitations on utilizing these incentives.
    -- Section V examines power purchase agreements and the value of green tags to community wind power projects.
    -- Appendix contains a list of operating community wind projects in the United States and a list of project consultants and financing resources.
  • Considerations for Site Plan Approval of a Windmill [PDF]
    This one-page document, prepared by the Cornell Cooperative Extension, can be used by municipalities as a guide when considering the site plan approval of a windmill.
  • Wind Power for Farms [PDF]
    This booklet, produced by Green Energy Ohio, provides information about wind farms from the landowners' perspective. It also includes steps to follow to build a wind farm and the benefits of doing so, how to attract developers, case studies, and general information.
  • The Environmental Case for Wind Power in New Jersey [PDF]
    A spring 2005 report by the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG), makes a comparison between wind energy and New Jersey's energy sources. The report makes several recommendations for an environmental permitting process for wind development on land that could also be relevant to offshore development.
  • Wind Development in New York State by County [JPG]
    This map shows the number of projects and capacity of wind development in New York on a county-by-county basis. Data for this map is based on projects that have applied to the New York Independent System Operator to interconnect to the electric utility grid.

On-Site (or Small) Wind Applications

Wind Energy Projects in New York State

Biomass Resources

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