What to Expect from Your Multifamily Performance Partner

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Once you select a Multifamily Performance Partner for either New Construction or Existing Buildings, here’s what you should expect:

  • A thorough knowledge of comprehensive opportunities available to multifamily projects, including potential energy efficiency measures and improvements, their performance criteria, cost, and availability
  • Assistance with the program application process and preparation of all reports and documents required for the program
  • Help with each step of the program
  • Assistance in getting the ENERGY STAR® label on your multifamily building (New Construction only)
  • Help with obtaining NYSERDA financial incentives
  • Assistance in saving energy and cutting energy costs
  • Assistance in improving the health, safety and durability of your multifamily buildings
  • Prompt response to your initial contact and all subsequent requests
  • Timely and responsible delivery of promised services
  • Assistance with financial and/or regulatory matters to implement the energy-savings plan; assistance in identification of additional funding sources
  • Collaborative consultations with the design team (alternatives, suggestions, working within the design team's goals for providing safe, comfortable, affordable housing)
  • Assistance in ensuring that all recommendations are properly represented in bids
  • Assistance in explaining any additional expectations or requirements to contractors
  • Inspection and verification to ensure that you can realize energy savings

Download this checklist [PDF] on how to select a partner and what to expect.

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Last Updated: 01/31/2013