Approach and Services

Focus CRE enables commercial building owners and managers to achieve their financial and environmental objectives through the following five steps:

  1. Benchmark and Prioritize Buildings

    Use the Focus CRE Benchmarking Toolkit to rate each building’s energy efficiency relative to its peers and identify buildings with the greatest potential for improvement

    NYSERDA developed an online Benchmarking ToolkitLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page., which serves as an overlay to the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager, but is customized to the New York commercial real estate market. By inputting or uploading energy consumption data, the Toolkit produces a score that represents the building's source energy usage and carbon footprint relative to similar buildings in New York. When applied to a whole portfolio, the Focus CRE Benchmarking Toolkit helps identify which buildings have the greatest need for investment in energy efficiency. Reviewed in conjunction with an owner's own portfolio management objectives, the outputs of the benchmarking Toolkit enables informed prioritization of buildings for additional investigation and investment.

  2. Identify Opportunities for Energy Savings

    Select a contractor to perform a comprehensive energy audit of priority buildings and identify potential investments in energy efficiency, with a 50% cost-share from NYSERDA

    A Comprehensive ASHRAE Level 2 Energy Audit is critical to identifying the range of opportunities available to improve energy efficiency performance and understand where capital dollars are best invested. If you do not already have a preferred contractor, NYSERDA's Focus CRE team will help you identify an energy consulting engineer (ECE) to perform the technical analyses. These analyses result in a diagnostic report that identifies specific opportunities for energy saving measures, with estimated cost and simple payback of each investment. The report may also call for follow-up studies of specific systems.

  3. Evaluate Return on Investment

    Work with NYSERDA staff to evaluate the financial merits of each potential improvement in the context of your lease structures and investment strategy

    The Focus CRE team can help you identify which energy investment decisions are financially sound in the context of your lease structures and investment objectives. Using an innovative Lease Analysis Tool, the team evaluates how the costs and returns of improvements will actually accrue to the owner and tenants. The results of this analysis are used in discussion with the owner or manager to select the final set of improvements.

  4. Develop and Implement a Focus CRE Action Plan

    Finalize your investment plan and secure NYSERDA incentives

    Building on the results of the Lease Analysis Tool, the Focus CRE team will work with you to triage investments, identify available NYSERDA incentives, and create a long term capital strategy for energy efficiency and implementation. The resulting Action Plan lays out short-term improvements that can produce immediate results, as well as mid- and long-term investment strategies to be implemented during capital replacement or tenant turnover. The Action Plan also identifies the range of financial incentives available from NYSERDA, creating a bundled incentive package for all qualified improvements, and makes recommendations for pursuing additional funding that may be available from city, state, federal, and non-governmental sources.

  5. Measure Improvement

    Use the EPA Portfolio Manager and Focus CRE Benchmarking Toolkit to track efficiency improvements.

    You can continuously track a building's energy performance using the Focus CRE Benchmarking ToolkitLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. Based on your building's progress, the Focus CRE team will work with you to reassess and adjust the Action Plan as needed

Last Updated: 12/11/2013