Colleges and Universities

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA’s) Focus on Colleges and Universities (C&U) identifies incentives for public and private institutions to reduce their energy usage. Through practical, technical assistance and financial incentives, Focus on C&U is designed to help New York State colleges and universities fund their energy and environmental objectives and maintain a healthy bottom line.

Picture of Columbia University Campus
"NYSERDA funds have been instrumental
in helping to maintain the leadership
Columbia University has developed
through the years in its innovative and
common sense approach to keeping energy
use and cost as low as possible, while
at the same time meeting the heating and
cooling comfort needs of its student, faculty
and program constituents." – Joseph Ienuso,
Executive Vice President, Columbia
University Facilities

Energy Efficiency Can Be Financially Beneficial

NYSERDA has funding available for energy efficiency improvements on college and university campuses for new construction, renovations, or equipment upgrades. Focus on C&U will work to identify the range of NYSERDA incentives available for all qualified improvements. Additional funding could also be identified from city, State, federal, and non-governmental sources. For more information, email Focus on C&U at

Program Opportunity Notices (PONs), available for eligible Colleges & Universities

How Can Focus on C&U Help Implement Energy Efficiency Measures

  • Prioritize Buildings
  • Identify Opportunities for Energy Savings
  • Evaluate Return on Investment
  • Develop and Implement an Energy Efficiency Action Plan
  • Measure Identification and Implementation Assistance

Supporting Energy Efficiency Through Incentives

  • Technical Assistance cost-sharing is available to help identify improvements on campus.
  • Financial incentives are available for new energy-efficient equipment and equipment replacement projects.

Other Potential State Assistance

Securing Your Financial Incentives

Assistance is available from Luthin Associates, the implementation contractor for NYSERDA’s Focus on Colleges and Universities Program. Professional staff are available for one-on-one meetings, to offer guidance, and to identify available incentives.

For more information, email Focus on C&U at

Last Updated: 07/02/2014