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Becoming a NYSERDA FlexTech Consultant

What will be the next opportunity for my firm to propose to become a NYSERDA FlexTech Consultant?
NYSERDA will now offer an annual opportunity for service providers to become FlexTech Consultants.  Service providers who can demonstrate successful participation through the open enrollment component of FlexTech (PON 1746 or PON 1197) will be solicited to respond to the annual RFP 1782 offering.  Eligible service providers must have completed three (3) feasibility studies through the FlexTech PONs mentioned above in order to be eligible.  Completion of peak load curtailment plans are not considered eligible feasibility studies. 

My firm has not actively participated through FlexTech (PON 1746 or PON 1197); how frequently does NYSERDA release FlexTech Consultant Selection Request for Proposals (RFPs) to the general public?
NYSERDA traditionally releases FlexTech Consultant Selection RFPs every 3-5 years to solicit proposals from all firms interested in becoming FlexTech consultants.  We finalized our most recent round of selections late 2010. 

Where can I obtain a copy of the last RFP that was issued?
The last Statewide and Downstate RFPs can be found here:
RFP 1782 [PDF] (Statewide)
RFP 1209 [PDF] (Con Edison and Orange & Rockland service territories) 

Do you have a mailing list for upcoming solicitation announcements?
Yes, we maintain a mailing list of consultants interested in receiving email announcements regarding FlexTech solicitations.  To be added to our FlexTech mailing list, please email your request to Jillina Baxter at jb1@nyserda.ny.gov.  Please be sure to include your full contact information.

What are the general qualifications you look for within a firm?
NYSERDA is looking to engage firms who are interested in providing energy efficiency technical services to eligible customers through NYSERDA’s FlexTech Program.  Firms must demonstrate experience and an understanding of working with and providing energy efficiency services to commercial and industrial customers within New York State.  For more details, please refer to the most recent FlexTech RFPs (see RFPs 1782 and 1209 above).

What level of detail do you look for within a FlexTech study?
Most FlexTech feasibility studies are comparable to an ASHRAE Level II or III audit.  However, NYSERDA is interested in delivering energy feasibility studies that meet customers’ needs, so projects that fall outside of the traditional ASHRAE Level II and III definitions may be eligible as well, such as energy advisor services, energy master plans, and retro-commissioning studies. For most projects, consultants will be expected to calculate energy savings using sound engineering methods such as spreadsheet analysis, energy modeling, bin analysis, etc.

Do you have to be a firm located within New York State?
Firms that provide FlexTech services are not required to have offices located in New York State.  Travel expenses for individual projects are limited to 3% of the total project cost.

Is it a conflict of interest if my firm also installs or sells energy efficient products?
FlexTech provides objective, vendor and manufacturer neutral analyses to its customers.  NYSERDA is looking for firms that offer objective, credible site specific information.  Should your firm propose to become a FlexTech consultant, please include a description of all product, manufacturer or service-related affiliations. Please refer to RFP 1782 for further details.


Last Updated: 12/11/2013