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Program Definitions

Adjusted Project Incentive

The payment that will be made to the Participant, based on adjustments to the Project Incentive once Project Participant provides documentation of actual eligible project costs and Participant Team cost-share. Adjusted Project Incentive shall not exceed $250,000.


The entity submitting an application to the NYSERDA ETAC-CI program.

Commercial Building

Includes commercial, institutional and industrial facilities, to the extent that the emerging technology being demonstrated is not process-related.

Commercially Available

The emerging technology or approach has been available in the marketplace for at least six months, can be accessed through retail or distributional outlets, has manufacturer or independent third-party performance data available, has been successfully demonstrated or installed, and marketing and sales efforts are underway.

Demonstration Host Site

A new or existing commercial, institutional, or industrial facility that hosts the demonstration of an Emerging Technology or Approach. An Applicant or Project Participant may own or otherwise have an existing business relationship with a Demonstration Host Site.

Eligible Project Costs

Project costs eligible for either funding from NYSERDA or inclusion as Participant Team cost-share include equipment purchase and installation, engineering and design costs, commissioning costs, direct labor (for which laborer is paid as an employee), unpaid (in-kind) labor, and in the case of approaches not directly involving equipment installation, costs for project implementation or other NYSERDA-approved costs.

Emerging Technology or Approach

For the purposes of the ETAC-CI program, a commercially-available product, technology, or approach that has minimal market penetration and provides new or expanded opportunities for electric and/or gas energy efficiency and/or load management in commercial and institutional buildings. Some examples of approaches are a novel combination of energy-saving technologies, or actionable web-based tools and training, or a financing strategy that measurably supports greater implementation of efficiency measures.

Load Management

The reduction of building electric load via means including demand response, peak demand reduction, demand management and/or energy storage.

Path to Market

A cohesive set of strategies and actions aimed at increasing the technology or approach’s market share, including a) identification of market or regulatory obstacles and avenues to address/overcome them; b) identification of target market, including the customer and building types for which the technology or approach is most appropriate; c) activities to develop the supply chain (manufacturers, distributors, installers, service and maintenance professionals); and d) establishment of targeted outreach/marketing (such as sales documents and/or marketing and product information) to potential end users or buildings owners.

Performance Validation Technical Consultant (TC)

A consultant hired by NYSERDA to perform measurement and verification (M&V) and monitor and validate performance in each demonstration project. The TC will, in addition to the verification role, act in an advisory role to the Participant Team to support project success and help to amplify replication opportunities. This could include support for Participant Team’s mitigation and resolution of project issues/obstacles, sharing lessons learned to the extent applicable from TC experience, assisting Participant Team in cases where an obstacle and/or opportunity may be broader than this single project (e.g. regulatory or utility concerns), and/or serve as an impartial sounding board for the Participant Team and NYSERDA.

Participation Team

The Project Participant, Demonstration Host Sites, and any other entities that have committed to the project.

Project Incentive

For Focused Demonstration projects, the amount of NYSERDA funding requested by the Applicant to support eligible project costs. Participant Team must provide a cost-share of at least 40% of eligible project costs. Project Incentive shall not exceed $250,000.

Project Participant

The entity that has entered into an agreement with NYSERDA.
Last Updated: 04/30/2014