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Focused Demonstrations Targeted Categories

For the Focused Demonstration path, NYSERDA seeks projects in the following categories:

  1. Technologies or approaches that enable both kW and kWh savings by integrating automation, scheduling, and/or controls with load management (encompassing demand response, demand management, and/or energy storage). Technologies or approaches that reduce electric system peak demand or customer peak demand are preferred; however, NYSERDA will consider those that reduce demand either off-peak or intermittently on a case-by-case basis.

    Examples include: ­
    • Advanced web-enabled programmable thermostats ­
    • Load-shedding lighting ballasts ­
    • Internet-based monitoring control for refrigeration systems  
  2. Building or energy system-focused technologies or approaches that offer energy data analytics and performance information; must produce actionable information for, and demonstrated responsiveness from, end-users in identifying and implementing energy savings opportunities.

    Examples include: ­
    • Remote energy audits ­
    • Advanced energy information systems, for instance, building energy performance analytics software with dashboards  
  3. Deep energy savings approaches that result in a significant decrease in EUI (energy use intensity, e.g., kBtu/sq. ft.) as compared to the existing building EUI or the median EUI for that building type.

    Note: Provision of independent performance data at time of application submission is not required for projects in this Targeted Category.
Last Updated: 12/11/2013