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For Building Owners

Be a Leader - Participate

As a building owner, you can contribute to New York’s stewardship of the environment and commitment to a clean economy. If you are a commercial or institutional building owner interested in learning more about promising options to reduce the energy usage of your building, your participation in the ETAC Program will foster demonstrations of the most promising technologies available on the market today and contribute to the body of knowledge that will help other businesses and consumers make sound and savvy energy choices.

As a building owner, you can participate in one of two ways: 1) apply directly to test out an emerging technology or approach; 2) participate in a project as a demonstration host site.

As the ETAC program requires a minimum of two demonstration sites per project, certain project developers are seeking additional demonstration sites.

Sign up to receive information from NYSERDA about project developers who are seeking additional sites and their proposed technologies. You will receive contact information and a brief description of the technology or approach and its benefits. As the building owner, you may choose to contact a project developer if you are interested in that project, and you decide if you would like to partner in a demonstration. All demonstration host sites must sign a participation agreement [PDF], which details the expectations for project participants. Project developers must submit these signed participation agreements as part of their application to the NYSERDA ETAC program.


Q. As a demonstration host site, what benefits do I receive? Will I receive an incentive payment?

A. If you are participating as a demonstration host site only, you will not receive a payment from NYSERDA. You may reap energy savings or other benefits, such as third-party performance validation, that helps set the stage for successful projects at similar project sites, as a result of the installation or project.

Q. Am I eligible to be a demonstration host site?

A. Eligible host sites include any commercial, institutional, or industrial building located in New York State. A majority of the host sites in each project must pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC) on their utility bill. If you do not pay the SBC charge, you may be able to serve as a demonstration host site if a majority of the project's energy savings occur at facilities that do pay the SBC. If you are a New York Power Authority (NYPA) customer, you may want to contact NYPA regarding participation in NYPA’s emerging technologies program.

Q. How long will the demonstration project last?

A. The timeframe associated with each project varies. However, most projects will involve energy and performance monitoring for one to two years.

Q. Will the equipment be removed at the end of the demonstration project?

A. Although NYSERDA encourages ongoing use of equipment to extend the benefits for the entire service life of the system or project, you, as building owner, will decide if the equipment should remain installed and for how long. If you participate as a host site, you may wish to consider equipment status at the end of the demonstration period among the issues to be addressed in developing the terms of your agreement with the project developer.

Q. Do I receive free or discounted equipment as part of the installation?

A. The terms regarding the equipment will be agreed to between the building owner and project developer.

Q. How many developers will contact me?

A. The number of inquiries will depend on the number of responses received. NYSERDA expects to share project developer contact information with interested participants up to twice per month.

Last Updated: 04/30/2014