Motor Vendor Support

Why Participate in the Business Partner for Motor Systems Program?

Motor vendors using the New York Energy $martSM Business Partners Program enjoy many benefits and privileges that may make a decisive difference in today’s market place. The first benefit is our field force. The program has a network of field representatives ready to assist a vendor by:

Book cover for book
  • Helping the vendor become a valued resource to their customers through marketing techniques and program resources supplied to motor vendors.
  • Attending and supporting the vendor during sales meetings, "Dealer Days", "Customer Days","Counter Days", Tradeshows, or seminars. Program representatives can also present a program titled "Energy Savings Through Motor Management" to motor purchasers.
  • Accompanying motor vendor's sales personnel on sales calls to assist in educating customers on the economic advantages of purchasing NEMA Premium® motors.
  • Educating the vendor and his sales staff in the Existing Facilities Program, which provides incentives to purchasers for motors and drives.
  • Providing the vendor with the tools necessary to demonstrate the benefits of a motor management plan and use of the 1-2-3 Approach to Motor ManagementLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..
Brochure cover of 3 sample marketing materials
  • Providing motor vendors a supply of various sales aids and brochures like the ones pictured absolutely FREE! Details on the point-of-purchase display and other brochures are available in the Marketing Tools section of this web site.
MotorMaster + Software

Distributing FREE copies of MotorMaster+ Software to motor vendors! MotorMaster+ Software is a database of over 25,000 motors that enables motor vendors to illustrate energy savings under three scenarios:

  • The purchase of a NEMA Premium versus an EPAct motor
  • The purchase of a NEMA Premium versus a motor repair
  • The purchase of a NEMA Premium in a retrofit scenario

MotorMaster+ also calculates yearly energy savings and performs a payback analysis.

Marketing Tools

Get details and examine free marketing materials from the Premium-Efficiency Motors Program.

Last Updated: 12/11/2013