2004 Combined Heat and Power Conference Presentations

Day 1 - Wednesday

  • Site Tours - 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Tutorial: Best Practices in CHP Feasibility Analysis Organized by Northeast Regional CHP Applications Center and Association of Energy Engineers - 2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Day 2 - Thursday

  • 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. - Registration and Continental Breakfast
  • 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. - Exhibit Hall Open

Opening Session, Session Chair: Gunnar Walmet

  • Welcome: Peter Smith, President, NYSERDA Joined by other cosponsors and NYSERDA Board Members
  • Overview - Combined Heat and Power: Its Role in Power Infrastructure & Project Financing Dan Reicher [PDF], New Energy Capital
  • Natural Gas Rates and Forecast Joel Bluestein [PDF], Energy and Environmental Analysis

Session 1
Emerging Technologies, Session Chairperson: Mark Torpey

  • DG-CHP Technology Overview; Patti Garland [PDF], Office of Distributed Energy, US Dept. of Energy
  • The Virtual Power Plant - DG Aggregation Howard Feibus [PDF], Higher Nines
  • Clean Engines - Exhaust Gas Recirculation; Ritchie Priddy [PDF], Attainment Technologies, Inc.
  • Advanced Engine Systems Gordon Gerber [PDF], Caterpillar
  • DG Interconnection Advanced Concepts; Tom Short [PDF], EPRI-PEAC

Session 2
Industrial CHP, Session Chairperson: John Love

  • Bottling Plant CHP at Pepsi; Michael Scorrano [PDF], Con Edison Solutions
  • Back Pressure Steam Turbine Application at Borden Chemical Plant; Darren Schaperjahn, [PDF] Borden Chemical, Inc.
  • CHP at 4C Foods, Inc; Joe Oriero and Wayne Celauro, 4C Foods; and Bill Cristofaro, [PDF] Energy Concepts
  • Micro CHP at Hermany Farms Dairy Plant; Robert Marrow, Hermany Farms and Peter Westerhoff [PDF], AES Cogen
  • Collaborative National Program for the Development of Performance Protocols for DG-CHP; Mark Hanson, [PDF] Hoffman/ASERTTI

Session 3
Residential CHP - Session Chairperson: Joe Borowiec

  • IC Engine CHP at 205 West End; Art Lindenauer, 205 West End Board of Directors and Robert Wilson [PDF], CRM Energy Technologies
  • Impact of Metering on CHP in Residential Buildings; Herbert Hirschfeld [PDF]
  • Changing Dynamics of CHP in the Residential Sector; Barbara Tillman, Grenadier Realty and Steve Stone, [PDF] DSM Engineering Associates
  • Environmentally Beneficial CHP at Clinton Hill; John Dew, Clinton Hill Apartments Owners Corp. and Dave Ahrens, [PDF] Energy Spectrum Inc.
  • CHP at New Construction - Avila Senior Living Center; Joseph Pofit, RC Diocese of Albany and Dave Schilling [PDF], EnTrust

Session 4
Support and Incentives - Session Chairpersons: Dana Levy and Mark Gundrum

  • Roundtable #1: DG Gas Rates and Gas Utility Pilot Programs, Rob Eck [PDF] National Fuel Gas, Peter Grzybowski, [PDF] KeySpan, John Kelly, [PDF] Gas Technology Institute, and Mike Scott, [PDF] NYS Dept. of Public Service.
  • Roundtable #2: Electric Utility DG Pilot Programs, Sephir Hamilton, [PDF] Central Hudson Gas & Electric,Lenny Leon, [PDF] Orange and Rockland and Con Edison, Scott Leuthauser [PDF] National Grid-NiMo,
    Jim Harvilla, [PDF] New York State Electric and Gas, and Paul Lemar, [PDF] Resource Dynamics Corp.
  • Roundtable #3: Financing and Incentives, Jerry McLoughlin [PDF], NYC Economic Development Corp. - ECSP, Bob Groberg, [PDF] U.S. HUD;
    Carl Thurnau, [PDF] NYS Dept. of Education; and Steve DiRaimo, Siemens Building Technologies.

Session 5
Industrial CHP - Session Chairperson: Ed Kear

  • CHP at a Commercial Laundry - Arrow Linen; Frank Park, [PDF] Arrow Linen
  • Biomass Energy Systems Using a Back Pressure Steam Turbine at WJ Cowee; Louis Bravakis, [PDF] Novus Energy, LLC.
  • Microturbine CHP with Space Heating and Cooling - Allied Converters, John DeLise [PDF], Advanced Power Systems Engineering, P.C.; Richard Ellenbogen, [PDF] Allied Converters Inc.
  • Anaerobic Digester-based CHP at New York Dairy Farms; Richard Mattock [PDF], Environomics
  • Finding Win-Win Opportunities for DER through Stakeholder Collaboration; Ellen Petrill, [PDF] Electricity Innovation Institute (E21)

Session 6
Institutional/Commercial CHP - Session Chairperson:
Jaime Ritchey

Day 3 - Friday

  • 7:30 a.m.- 8:30 a.m. - Registration and Continental Breakfast
  • 8:30 a.m - 1:00 p.m - Exhibit Hall Open

Session 7
Siting & Permitting - Session Chairperson: Dana Levy

  • DG/CHP Siting & Permitting Guidebook; Tom Bourgeois, [PDF] Pace Energy Project
  • NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation's DG Rule Making Status and Update; Carl Johnson, NYSDEC
  • National Emission Rules Overview; Nathanael Greene, [PDF] Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Emission Reduction Credits and NOx Allowances; Andy Greene, Navigant Consulting and Tom Bourgeois, [PDF] Pace Energy Project
  • Emissions Cap and Trade Issues; Suzanne Watson, [PDF] NESCAUM

Session 8
Small Commercial CHP - Session Chairperson:
Peter Douglas

  • CHP at Waldbaums Supermarket; Hugh Henderson, [PDF] CDH Energy Corp.
  • Con Edison Learning Center CHP Plant; John Flood [PDF], Utility Consulting Services, Inc.
  • VIP Country Club CHP Plant; John DeLise, Advanced Power Systems Eng., P.C.
  • Floyd Bennett Field (Gateway National Recreation Area) CHP; Dena Schwartz, National Park Service and Dennis Landsberg, [PDF] Landsberg Eng., P.C.
  • Micro IC Engine CHP at Hooligans Sports Grille; Bill Cetti, [PDF] ECO Technology Solutions

Session 9
Institutional/Commercial CHP - Session Chair:
Jaime Ritchey

  • Fuel Cell CHP at New York City Wastewater Treatment Plants; Yan Kishinevsky, [PDF] New York Power Authority
  • Fonda Fultonville K-12 School CHP Project; Glen Goodale, Fonda-Fultonville School District and Chris Cafer, [PDF] Energy Concepts Engineering P.C.
  • SUNY-ESF; Syracuse Fuel Cell Project; Michael Brower, [PDF] SUNY-ESF and Yan Kishinevsky, NYPA
  • Renewable Fuel-based CHP at Hudson Valley Community College; Steve Cowan, HVCC and Steve DiRaimo, Siemens Buildings Technologies

Session 10
Market Hurdles - I - Session Chairpersons: Mark Torpey and Joe Borowiec

  • Roundtable: Standards Interconnection Requirements (SIR) Status/Update, Pat Maher, [PDF] NYS Dept. of Public Service, Dan Sammon [PDF], Con Edison, and Mike Byrnes, [PDF] Source One
  • An Analysis on CHP in Schools, Bill Steigelman [PDF], Aspen Systems Corp.
  • CHP For Multifamily Residential Sector;
    Bob Groberg, [PDF] U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
  • Closing Remarks

Session 11
Market Hurdles - II - Session Chairpersons: Dana Levy and Mark Gundrum

  • Northeast CHP Potential; Bruce Hedman [PDF], Energy and Environmental Analysis
  • A New Tool for Screening and Assessing Candidate DG-CHP Sites; John Kelly, [PDF] Gas Technology Institute
  • Roundtable: Standby Rates Status and Summary,
    Doug Lutzy, [PDF] NYS Dept. of Public Service, Joel Charkow, [PDF] Con Edison, and Jim McNamara, [PDF] Northern Power
  • Closing Remarks
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