School Power...NaturallySM Features

  • A broad range of age-appropriate and multidisciplinary PV curricular materials for a variety of subjects (including social studies, math, chemistry and earth science) that meet specific NYS educational requirements; these materials are downloadable from and integrate use of the data from the solar panels and weather station.
  • Downloadable performance data from the program Web site for each individual school as well as all 50 schools in aggregate.
  • The performance data comes from a 2 kW PV solar energy system at each of the 50 schools and uses a data acquisition system including weather instrumentation and recording equipment to record performance data from the PV System.
  • In addition to the main curricular materials on the web site, lesson plans are provided for use with small PV demonstration kits that `you assemble yourself
  • Curricular materials and resources for wind. New!
Last Updated: 06/19/2014