Provisional Certification

Provisional Certification affirms that a facility, on the basis of information known at the time of application, can meet the RPS Program's Main Tier eligibility criteria and thus can participate in a program procurement administered by NYSERDA. A facility must be provisionally certified to be considered for an RPS Program contract award. In their application for Provisional Certification to NYSERDA, prospective participants must include data pertaining to facility and fuel characteristics, as appropriate to the resource, in sufficient detail to enable an evaluation regarding eligibility. For prospective participants considering use of biomass in a co-firing application or considering establishing eligibility for hydro facility upgrades/up-rating, the application for provisional certification will also include data necessary to establish the quantity of electric energy production at such facilities that will be eligible for the RPS program.

Facilities wishing to participate in an upcoming RPS procurement must apply for Provisional Certification by completing the application process. This application process will provide guidance on eligible generation types and fuels based on the applicable Public Service Commission (PSC) orders. The application process will result in a form to be printed, signed by an authorized agent of the prospective participant, notarized, and mailed to NYSERDA. NYSERDA may request additional information from a prospective facility at any time during the process of Provisional Certification. If after beginning the application process, the Participant is unclear on whether its facility will meet eligibility requirements, an Advisory Opinion may be requested (see Advisory Opinion). After reviewing the application for Provisional Certification, NYSERDA will forward its analysis and recommendations to the Director, Office of Energy Efficiency and the Environment (OEEE) at the PSC, who will make a determination regarding Provisional Certification. The OEEE Director will directly notify the project sponsor and NYSERDA of its determination.

Disclaimer: The RPS program was designed to evolve as the implementing authorities gain experience with the program. Guidance provided at this time and any time during the program implementation will apply to the current procurement and may change with successive procurements. Prospective participants are advised to review applicable guidance provided with the announcement of each successive RPS procurement or auction.

Last Updated: 06/04/2014