Operational Certification

Operational Certification is required before payments under an RPS contract will be made by NYSERDA. Operational Certification verifies that the Bid Facility has been constructed and/or will operate in accordance with the proposal submitted, for which Provisional Certification was granted. To become Operationally Certified, information and documentation must be provided to NYSERDA. This may include:

  • Formal letter declaring the date Commercial Operation has been achieved,
  • Major equipment invoices or similar information,
  • A third party engineering or vendor commissioning report verifying the facility is fully commissioned and operating,
  • Data and information provided to NYSERDA from the NYISO or local utility company verifying the facility is available and capable of producing electricity,
  • For fuel-based facilities such as those burning biomass, the contractor must provide procedures on fuel measurements and maintain detailed recordkeeping on the use of both eligible and ineligible fuels and the energy produced by each fuel category,
  • Any other information that may be necessary to verify the facility is operating as proposed and under which Provisional Certification was granted.

NYSERDA will recommend to the OEEE Director whether or not Operational Certification should be granted. The OEEE Director will grant or deny Operational Certification, if practicable, within 30 days of commencement of their review. If Operational Certification is denied. then the project sponsor will be advised of the basis for the denial and may submit a subsequent request for Operational Certification once the identified problems are corrected. RPS Program support payments will not be made until Operational Certification is obtained. NYSERDA will remain entitled, for the duration of its RPS Program contracts, to seek such information from contracting parties and to perform such investigations as may be required to allow confirmation that the facilities continue to operate in accordance with Provisional/Operational Certification and the generation type and fuel source eligibility requirements for the Main Tier.

Once Operationally Certified, NYSERDA will make payments from the commencement date of the Contract Delivery Term based on monthly invoicing.

Last Updated: 06/04/2014