Applying for Provisional Certification

NYSERDA has designed this application process to allow a prospective participant in the RPS program (the Applicant) to review the RPS eligibility rules regarding the various technologies and fuels, and to prepare an application for Provisional Certification for any upcoming RFP. NYSERDA only accepts Applications for Provisional Certification during an active Solicitation.

To be eligible under Main Tier RFPs, wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, tidal/ocean, and fuel cell generation, facilities must have first commenced commercial operation on or after January 1, 2003. A facility that does not meet this vintage requirement may be eligible if it:

  • completes a significant upgrade or repowering after January 1, 2003, and/or
  • begins using or increases the use of eligible biomass fuels, biogas, and/or liquid biofuel (hereinafter referred to as biomass).

Certain facilities in operation before January 1, 2003 may qualify as Maintenance Resources.

Behind-The-Meter generation projects shall be RPS eligible only where the energy from such project will be delivered to a customer in New York State whose electricity was obtained through the NYISO/utility system as of January 20, 2011; excluding customers in the territory of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA).

Application Package Instructions

Downloadable application packages (see below) contain the necessary documents required for each eligible project option. Each renewable energy resource category (biomass, hydroelectric, solar, wind, tidal/ocean, and fuel cells) has its own separate application package. The package is designed to allow Applicants to create a Provisional Certification Application that is specific to their power generation projects.

In addition you may choose either the interactive format or the non-interactive format described below.

  1. Interactive Electronic Format (Using Adobe Reader 9.00 or higher):

    The Applicant will download a package containing interactive forms that guide the Applicant through possible project design/technology choices to a Provisional Certification Application form (with attachments) that is tailored to each Applicant's specific project. The advantage of this format is that the process is automated, and information links and other user resources are provided throughout the process.

  2. Non-interactive Format (Using Adobe Reader 9.00 or higher):

    The Applicant can download a non-interactive package containing a Project Application Guide that describes step by step how to select the correct Provisional Certification Application form for a specific project. All of the application forms can be found in the Forms subfolder that is downloaded with the Guide; The Applicant can print the file and prepare the application manually.

Download Instructions

Click the appropriate link below and when asked "Do you want to open or save this file?", select "Save", and the .zip file will be saved to the location you specify. Once the .zip file is saved to your computer, you must extract the files. To do so, in Windows, simply right-click the folder and select "extract all" or "unzip", or open with WinZip and follow the instructions provided.






Fuel Cells

As you go through the application process, please read all RPS requirements that apply to your project. Attached to the application form will be all of the applicable RPS requirements based on the choices made in the first part of the application process. If selected for RPS payments, your facility must operate under these requirements in order to maintain Operational Certification. Upon completion, print the Provisional Certification Application Form, attach any requested documentation, sign and have notarized and mail to:

Attention: Doreen M. Harris - Provisional Certification
17 Columbia Circle
Albany, New York 12203

Last Updated: 06/10/2013