Program Reopening Soon

The Fuel Cell Program is expected to reopen soon.


Fuel Cell Program

Financial incentives are available for the installation and operation of continuous duty fuel cell systems in New York State.

Fuel cells convert natural gas to a hydrogen-rich fuel that is combined with atmospheric oxygen in an electrochemical process to produce electricity, heat, and water. Fuel cells convert natural gas to electricity more efficiently than conventional combustion engines and emit virtually none of the harmful pollutants associated with burning fossil fuels. The Renewable Portfolio Standard Main Tier has also supported fuel cell projects.

Who Can Apply

Typical customers include businesses, hospitals, multifamily buildings, and other large power consumers.

Customers must pay the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Program charge on their electric bill to be eligible.

How to Apply

Apply for incentives through the Small Fuel Cell Funding Opportunity or the Large Fuel Cell Funding Opportunity.