Performance-Based Incentives for Existing Facilities Program

Performance-Based incentives encourage implementation of larger-scale projects that increase energy efficiency and produce verifiable annual energy savings. These incentives are available on a pro-rated basis related to the annual kwh or MMBtu savings generated (see summary table below).

Performance-Based incentives must meet minimum energy saving thresholds, and require an Engineering Analysis to substantiate energy savings after project completion. In some cases, post-installation Measurement and Verification is also required.

Applicants are encouraged to bundle projects to meet the Performance-Based incentive minimum. of at least $30,000. Please submit applications within 90 days of contracting for the project to allow time for processing. 

For additional details, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

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Performance-Based Incentive Categories

  • Electric Efficiency
    Incentives are offered to offset capital costs of cost effective efficiency projects that reduce electric consumption at eligible facilities.
  • Natural Gas Efficiency 
    Incentives are offered to offset capital costs of cost-effective efficiency projects that reduce natural gas consumption at eligible facilities.
  • Demand Response
    Incentives are offered to offset a portion of the technology costs that enable facilities to participate in demand response programs.
  • Monitoring-Based Commissioning (MBCx) 
    Incentives are offered to support the implementation of continuous commissioning programs, as well as protocols and systems that promote persistent and measurable operational-based energy savings.

Summary of Performance-Based Incentives

Base Incentive Upstate Downstate
Electric Efficiency $0.12/kWh $0.16/kWh
Energy Storage $300/kW $600/kW
Natural Gas $15/MMBtu $20/MMBtu
Demand Response $100/kW $200/kW
Monitoring-Based Commissioning $0.05/kWh $0.05/kWh

*Increased incentive rates will be offered to eligible Con Edison electric customers for energy improvements that provide system-coincident peak demand reduction during the summer months. Please see our Demand Management Program for more details.

After Your Consolidated Funding Application Has Been Submitted

  • NYSERDA will review the application for general eligibility and completeness, and contact the Applicant or designated contact if any additional information is needed. All projects require a recent full month’s utility bill for the facility, and most projects require cut sheets for any equipment that will be installed. Additional documentation may be required.
  • When the application is complete, the project will be assigned a NYSERDA Project Manager and a Technical Consultant. If the application is determined to be eligible, additional information will be required.
  • The Project Manager will request that the Applicant submit an Engineering Analysis. The Engineering Analysis includes, but is not limited to, a project description, economic evaluation, energy savings calculations, and any outstanding equipment specification sheets. Some projects will require a Measurement and Verification (M&V) plan as part of the Engineering Analysis.
  • NYSERDA, or the Technical Consultant, will review the Engineering Analysis and conduct a pre-installation site inspection. NYSERDA may request revisions to the Engineering Analysis as necessary. Upon approval of the Engineering Analysis and pre-installation site inspection, NYSERDA will notify the Applicant that they can implement the project. (Applicants that proceed with installation before NYSERDA approves the Engineering Analysis and conducts the pre-installation site inspection do so at the risk of not receiving an incentive.) 
  • After the Applicant implements the project, the Applicant must notify NYSERDA or the Technical Consultant that the project is complete and ready for a post-installation inspection. 
  • NYSERDA or its consultant will conduct a post-installation inspection and collect invoices and any other remaining items. (Demand Response projects must demonstrate participation in a demand response program; see the Demand Response incentives page for details.)
  • Upon approval of all final deliverables, including any required M&V, NYSERDA will provide the incentive payment to the Applicant. Those projects requiring M&V must complete it in accordance with the approved Engineering Analysis. When the M&V is completed, NYSERDA or the Technical Consultant will review the results and release any remaining funds, adjusted based on the M&V results as applicable.