Demand Management Program

Benefits of Demand Management

The Demand Management Program supports Con Edison customers making building improvements that increase use of high-performing energy measures and reduce demand on the electric system during times of high usage. The program supports businesses with technologies like energy storage and advanced lighting, putting into practice measures that can save energy, manage costs, and improve performance. By reducing demand on the electric grid, the program will also result in continued reliable service for Con Edison electric customers.

NYSERDA and Con Edison Partnership

NYSERDA and Con Edison know the best ways to optimize energy usage and are partnering to provide access to experts and top energy solutions for businesses.

Program Structure

Con Edison customers can receive incentives for projects that are finished before June 1, 2016 including:

Project Type Incentive Offering
Thermal Storage $2,600/kW
Battery Storage $2,100/kW
Demand Response Enablement $800/kW
HVAC/Controls/Process Efficiency $0.16/kWh + $1,250/kW
Lighting $0.16/kWh + $800/kW
Fuel Switching: Non-Electric AC* $500-1,000/kW depending on equipment

*Incentives will be offered for installing steam or natural gas AC rather than electric AC. 

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • Con Edison customer
  • Project installed and operating by June 1, 2016
  • Project or portfolio has a combined peak demand reduction of 50 kW or greater (projects that reduce load by 500 kW or more can earn additional support). Peak demand reduction is defined as reduced demand for electricity that occurs between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, from June 1 through September 30, excluding legal holidays.
  • Baseline conditions verified by a pre-installation inspection and technical review prior to any equipment changes
  • Please see the Technical Data Requirements [PDF] for a summary of information to submit with the application.

Download the Demand Management Application or visit Con Edison to learn more.