Evaluation of RGGI Funds

The overarching goals of the program evaluation are to:

  1. provide a credible evaluation of the program portfolio and individual programs and provide timely information to all stakeholders;
  2. include progress toward program and public policy goals;
  3. progress in moving markets toward behavior that results in emissions reductions and increased energy efficiency and use of renewable energy; and
  4. measure efficiency and effectiveness of program implementation and administration.

Program evaluation and status reports will address the portfolio of programs, funding and benefits included in the Operating Plan.

NYSERDA will prepare an annual program evaluation and status report using program progress tracking and findings and inputs from the independent evaluation contractors. The annual report will include for each prior year: an accounting of all sales of CO2 allowances and the funds generated by such sales, a summary description of program activities, an evaluation of the results and impacts of such program activities and program accomplishments, and an accounting of program administration costs and expenditures. The annual report will also provide information on the geographic distribution of program funding and benefits across the State.

On a quarterly basis, NYSERDA will prepare a program status report updating progress made in each major program area. Quarterly reports will include: a summary description of program activities and implementation, an estimate of program benefits, and an accounting of program costs and expenditures.

The text of all status and evaluation reports can be accessed in the chronological listing of PDF files below.