Last Updated: 04/16/2015

Training Helps New York City Comply with Benchmark Requirements

"The availability of benchmarking training has helped building owners take the necessary steps to comply with the law – and it has spurred job growth both among property management firms and energy consultants."

Under Local Law 84, all owners of buildings larger than 50,000 square feet in New York City are required to establish benchmarks for their energy and water consumption using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s online benchmarking tool called Portfolio Manager.

Benchmarking allows owners and property managers to correlate their buildings with comparable buildings in the city, state and even nationwide. Once energy and water usage benchmarks have been established, owners and property managers can also determine how much energy can be saved by implementing energy-saving measures.

Training Helps New York City Comply with Benchmark Requirements

Knowing that many building owners and managers in New York City had never used Portfolio Manager to track water and energy use, NYSERDA recognized an immediate need to partner with a company that could train building owners, property managers, energy service providers and energy managers on the benchmarking process.

NYSERDA selected the Association for Energy Affordability (AEA) to deliver benchmarking training that covers the requirements of Local Law 84, as well as common benchmarking standards and data collection protocols. AEA’s benchmarking training also provides hands-on practice with Portfolio Manager, teaching individuals how to identify energy- and money-saving opportunities with the interactive online energy management tool.

Thanks to NYSERDA’s support and funding, AEA has been able to train hundreds of owners, property managers and consultants in a short timeframe. As a result, tens of thousands of buildings in New York City now comply with Local Law 84. With many consultants trained to deliver their own benchmarking training, the partnership has also helped grow a workforce dedicated to creating a greener, more sustainable New York City.

David Hepinstall
Executive Director, Association for Energy Affordability, Inc.

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