Multifamily Performance Partner Case Studies

Learn from high-performing Partners

Across New York State, Multifamily Performance Partners are growing their businesses while providing far-reaching value to their clients. These case studies are excellent examples of Partners making the most of the Multifamily Energy Performance Portfolio—and seeing impressive results.

C.J. Brown Energy

C.J. Brown Energy credits the company’s status as a NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Partner as instrumental to their growth in energy conservation engineering. C.J. Brown Energy is seeing more building owners addressing energy efficiency to help them keep up with the demands of the marketplace, and they’re very happy to have NYSERDA help them do that.

Read the C.J. Brown Energy case study [PDF].

Steven Winter Associates

Preserving natural resources and saving energy have been essential to Steven Winter Associates, and their participation as a Multifamily Performance Partner has helped the firm significantly expand its client base through providing additional energy-saving services.

Read the Steven Winter Associates case study [PDF].

Buffalo Energy

When your motto is “We fix buildings right,” your company better have the skill and expertise to back it up. Buffalo Energy leveraged its Multifamily Performance Partner status to help launch its business in 2007 and develop the skills necessary to complete large-scale energy efficiency projects. Within four years Buffalo Energy became a million dollar business.

Read the Buffalo Energy case study [PDF].

Malcarne Contracting

Malcarne Contracting of New Rochelle started as a home construction and remodeling company, then became a Multifamily Performance Partner to help expand its business. Malcarne has had success arranging critical financing for its multifamily clients through NYSERDA. Today, 70 percent of the company’s business comes from multifamily renovations and new construction.

Read the Malcarne Contracting case study [PDF].


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