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Irving Tissue is one of North America’s leading tissue, paper towel, and napkin products providers. Irving Tissue has recently undergone a major plant expansion at the Fort Edward, NY, facility. The expansion includes the construction of three new buildings; new pulp processing, paper machine, and production support systems; and a new boiler house.

Program Recommendations and Process Improvements

In order to ensure that the new operation was cost competitive, Irving Tissue worked with manufacturers and suppliers to build energy efficiency into the new systems. One of the proposals to save energy was for a more efficient vacuum system. The upgrade saves significant energy, but was also a significant cost addition to the project. Irving Tissue reached out to NYSERDA to see what opportunities for incentive funding would be available to allow Irving Tissue to support this project.

“The NYSERDA mission of assisting New York companies to find ways to reduce their energy consumption is a perfect strategic fit with our core value of continuous improvements of our products and processes. This common purpose was the driving force behind the very successful energy consumption strategies implemented in our most recent project.”

-Robert K. Irving, President of Irving Tissue

Program Results and Incentives

The NYSERDA Industrial and Process Efficiency program proved to be a perfect fit for this project. In addition to the energy savings from the vacuum system, this project implemented other process specific improvements and motor system upgrades. In total, this project is saving 14,800,000 kWh over a standard paper machine installation. The incremental cost for these energy-saving improvements was $4.3 million and the NYSERDA incentive is $1,775,881.

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