CHP Success Stories in NYS

Performance Data

NYSERDA’s Contribution

During the six-year period commencing in 2000, NYSERDA provided over $50 million to support about 100 projects installing CHP equipment at end-use sites. During such time, about half of these reached operational status, while the remainder were in various stages of engineering, design, construction, installation, and commissioning/debugging.

These operational projects are producing 20 MW of electric power; when all 100 projects become operational this portfolio will produce 100 MW. Through this prolonged and sustained involvement with CHP over many years, NYSERDA has amassed a wealth of knowledge about CHP project viability. In addition to NYSERDA’s financial contributions, CHP projects benefit from the credence of NYSERDA’s project review and selection process, and ongoing coaching by NYSERDA staff during project design/construction/commissioning.

CHP Beneficial During the Blackout of 2003

NYSERDA has co-funded 13 CHP demonstration projects in New York State that had become operational prior to the regional blackout of August 14, 2003.

The 13 operational projects include some examples of synchronous generators that are capable of operating without the grid and therefore should not have been affected by the blackout, as well as some examples of induction generators that would intentionally shut down in the event of grid failure. Several sites have emergency generators that are designed to function during a grid blackout. Notably, the induction generators are designed to commence operation upon restoration of the electrical grid, and they functioned as intended and did their part to help reduce demand during the early hours of grid restoration; when grid stability was a particular concern.

Six of these 13 projects have prime generators designed to operate even during a grid blackout and include Oakwood Nursing Home, Harbec Plastics, Cortland Memorial Hospital, Wyoming County Community Hospital, Greater Rochester International Airport, and Compudye. All of these projects, which operated during the blackout, produce electricity and recover the available heat for beneficial uses on site.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy selected 16 NYSERDA-sponsored projects for special recognition as winners of the Energy Star CHP Award or EPA’s CHP Certificates of Recognition, attesting to their clean, efficient performance. NYSERDA is a Founding Partner of the USEPA CHP Partnership, and three leaders of NYSERDA CHP programs have received the prestigious USCHPA CHP Champion Award.

CHP Project Performance Data

As of 2007, over 30 operational projects have furnished performance data showing the details of their fuel consumption, electricity production, and heat recovery, and this compilation of projects furnishing data continues to grow. Calculations using these numbers are automatically performed to show system fuel use efficiency.

CHP Conferences

NYSERDA has sponsored numerous CHP conferences, which have highlighted CHP project case studies and policy issues; including regulatory, technical, and institutional hurdles. Site tours of operational CHP systems have often been featured in conjunction with the conferences.