Advanced Submetering Program Case Studies

Want to learn about how multifamily buildings that have achieved savings through the Advanced Submetering Program? Below are links to PDF files you can download.

  • Tower East – This Manhattan co-op building relied on a single electric master meter, which required all residents to share electricity costs whether or not they limited their electricity use. Using incentives from NYSERDA’s Advanced Submetering Program, Tower East residents had submeters installed in each unit in the building, giving them the power to benefit from cutting their personal electricity use. Download the full Tower East case study [PDF].
  • Park City Estates – This Queens co-op used a single master meter in each of it’s five buildings, which meant every resident in its 1,049 units were charged the same for electricity, regardless of their individual usage. To remedy the problem, management decided to take advantage of NYSERDA’s Advanced Submetering Program, which provided over $265,000 in incentives. As a result, tenants became more conscious of their usage, leading to a 15 percent drop in maintenance costs, and subsequently, a rise in property values. Download the full Park City Estates case study [PDF].