Rondout Valley High School Receives High Performance Energy Efficiency Award from NYSERDA

Support for Energy Efficiency Project Helps School Reduce Annual Costs by $130,000

April 01, 2013

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has recognized Rondout Valley High School with a High Performance Building Plaque for energy efficiency measures that will cut energy costs by $130,000 annually.

NYSERDA awards High Performance Building Plaques to hospitals, colleges and universities, schools, businesses and other organizations that construct or substantially renovate buildings that perform at least 30 percent above the New York State energy code. Rondout Valley High School is rated to perform 36 percent above New York State energy code requirements.

Rondout Valley High School was awarded $234,000 from NYSERDA, which helps to offset the incremental cost of the energy efficient measures at the school located at 122 Kyserike Road in Accord. Major energy efficiency measures to the 130,000-square-foot facility include an energy-efficient lighting design with occupancy controls and HVAC system that provides heating, cooling and ventilation based on occupancy needs of individual spaces. The electricity savings of 574,200 kilowatt hours is equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed by 83 single-family homes annually and will be realized by the school every year for years to come.

“The Rondout Valley Central School District was committed wholeheartedly to minimizing our carbon footprint,” said Rosario Agostaro, Rondout Valley Superintendent. “We believe by coupling energy efficiency with new construction we have accomplished our goal and helped our environment in a meaningful way.”

“Congratulations to Rondout Valley High for demonstrating that public school buildings can be highly energy efficient, reduce energy expenses and provide a comfortable learning environment for students, teachers and staff,” said Francis J. Murray Jr., President and CEO, NYSERDA. “Governor Cuomo has strongly encouraged all New Yorkers to make energy efficiency a priority. Rondout Valley High took it a step further with its high energy efficiency measures and stands as an example for other schools in the benefits gained through energy efficiency improvements.”

Funding for this project is through NYSERDA’s New Construction Program (NCP), which provides technical support to design teams and financial incentives to building owners involved in the construction of new or substantially renovated structures in New York State. NCP is a first-come, first-served program available to commercial, institutional and industrial sector customers of certain utilities. NCP incentives are paid out upon project completion and installation of approved energy efficiency measures is verified. The intent of the program is not only to improve energy efficiency and green building practices, but to effect a permanent transformation in the way buildings are designed and constructed throughout the state.

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