Doing Business with NYSERDA

NYSERDA contracts with a variety of firms, individuals, institutions, and organizations for engineering, scientific, technical, and other services for its R&D and deployment programs. Our technical staff, comprising engineers, economists, biologists, physicists, mathematicians, and other trained specialists, work closely with proposers to develop and manage NYSERDA projects. NYSERDA's Director of Contract Management oversees all contract activities.

Research Priorities

Project proposals should reflect the priorities in NYSERDA's multi-year research program plan, Toward a Clean Energy Future: A Three-Year Strategic Outlook [PDF|11.2MB].

Contracts and Solicitations

NYSERDA contracts are initiated by two methods: competitive solicitations and unsolicited proposals. NYSERDA uses competitive solicitations to the maximum extent possible. Notices of competitive solicitations are provided to individuals, firms, and organizations through the New York State Contract Reporter, the State Register (when applicable), postings on NYSERDA's website and targeted mailings.

Competitive solicitations are open to all qualified firms. Proposals are expeditiously and vigorously peer reviewed. Successful proposers are awarded projects under NYSERDA's streamlined contracting process.

NYSERDA fosters and promotes the participation of minority- and women-owned business enterprises in its programs.

To obtain paper copies of the Guide to Doing Business with NYSERDA [PDF], standard contract and recoupment terms, and further information about NYSERDA's contracting policies, contact Roseanne Viscusi at: