Assistant Project Manager to Senior Project Manager - Energy Analysis – Albany Office (#300)

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) seeks creative, self-motivated and knowledgeable individuals with strong analytical skills as well as developed communications and interpersonal skills to fill various roles in the Energy Analysis Program throughout its locations.

Energy Analysis assists New York State energy policy decision-makers by (1) providing energy market intelligence across all fuels and sectors; (2) identifying and evaluating policy alternatives for addressing vital public needs; (3) quantitatively assessing the impact of energy, environmental, and economic policies and programs on the State’s citizens, businesses and environment; and (4) helping foster informed energy planning, through forecasting energy demand and prices, and through the quantitative analysis of energy issues and policies.

Tasks will range depending on the candidate’s qualifications, and may include some or all of the following:

  • Contribute to the State’s overall energy policy development through activities including the New York State Energy Plan.
  • Conduct studies and analyses of the relative merits and economic development opportunities related to emerging clean energy technologies and identify strategies to overcome barriers or other market dynamics that interfere with their adoption.
  • Develop and perform modeling, forecasting, and quantitative analysis to assess policy impacts on supply, demand, and price of energy, as well as impacts on the environment and the macro-level State economy.
  • Draft and develop reports on emergent energy policy issues.
  • Provide objective and technical review and assessment of State legislation proposals.
  • Manage projects which involve conducting clean energy market research, focused on specific energy consuming sectors or customer populations as well as analyzing energy market issues and trends affecting clean energy decision making.
  • Provide formative advice for program development through surveying and sharing national best practices, defining program goals, setting incentive levels, and establishing exit strategies, as well as work to improve the link between energy policy and program design to increase the likelihood of program success.
  • Conduct benefit-cost and macroeconomic analysis of NYSERDA’s portfolio of programs to support a process of continuous improvement in program design.
  • Assist in development of NYSERDA’s corporate Strategic Plan, meeting with program staff to discuss and evaluate goals and strategy options, and reviewing and researching program planning documents.
  • Assess energy market price trends, supply-demand dynamics, for general understanding of energy markets, as well as assess potential supply constraints that would require government response.
  • Develop approaches and support activities to increase the resiliency of the liquid fuels infrastructure and distribution systems in New York, and support NYSERDA’s emergency planning and response activities, including continued refinements to the State Energy Emergency Plan and implementation of NYSERDA’s responsibilities with respect to the State Disaster Preparedness Commission.
  • Assist in the development of policy briefings and presentations for NYSERDA Executives and the Board of Directors.
  • Manage external contractor teams engaged in analysis on behalf of NYSERDA as well as participate in and lead teams of professional staff from NYSERDA and possibly other State agencies to advance projects.
  • Perform other responsibilities as assigned.

Required minimum qualifications an individual must possess include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, science, engineering, public policy, public administration, or a related field of analytical study
  • Master’s degree in one of the above or business and relevant job experience are highly valued
  • Proficiency in technical writing and strong verbal communications skills are essential
  • Advanced computer skills are also necessary to complete analytical functions

Applicants should be able to demonstrate having some or all of the following skills enhanced by a willingness to learn about new issues and analytical tools:

  • Understanding of economic theory and present value methodologies
  • Understanding of energy markets, including electricity and fossil fuel markets, and economic issues related to energy and environmental policy
  • Technical expertise in quantitative analysis of energy issues, efficiency programs and environmental policies; knowledge of energy efficiency and renewable energy program strategies is preferred
  • Experience with electricity system simulation models such as the Integrated Planning Model (IPM) and macroeconomic models such as Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) is beneficial
  • Understanding of economic development program analysis and theory is beneficial
  • Experience working in a team environment both as a team leader and active team member
  • Experience managing complex analytical projects which engage in-house experts and staff, external consultant teams, and external industry experts and stakeholders.


Individuals will be considered for Assistant Project Manager through Senior Project Manager based on qualifications and experience. An excellent benefits package is also offered.

To Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume to When applying, please type the Position’s Title & Job Code 300 in the Subject Line.