Board Governance

NYSERDA's Board, management and staff are committed to transacting business in an open, transparent, and ethical manner.

NYSERDA's program principles reinforce its commitment to open and deliberative processes. For example:

  • NYSERDA uses an open, stakeholder-driven planning process to develop and implement its programs.
  • NYSERDA issues competitive solicitations to attract the best ideas and talent.
  • NYSERDA relies on peer reviews and performance measures in its selection of projects. Technical evaluation panels,  made up of experts outside of NYSERDA and experts within NYSERDA, review proposed projects. The program determines if the composition of these panels requires either equal or greater representation by outside experts.
  • NYSERDA uses a comprehensive evaluation process in its decision making process. Program results are analyzed for effectiveness by staff not involved in program administration and also by outside evaluation contractors. In addition, when required by regulatory orders, certain programs are subject to evaluations that test the cost effectiveness of the programs by independent evaluation contractors.

This emphasis on collaboration, expertise, thorough and iterative internal review processes, and internal and external evaluation help NYSERDA to achieve its objectives and to maintain a well-respected reputation in the field of energy research, development and demonstration, and energy efficiency deployment.

The following links to documents demonstrate NYSERDA's commitment to good governance and accountability in pursuing its operations.

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